Saturday, 3 May 2014

Stacking the shelves || Deal edition

The books that have graced my real shelves and ebook shelves,its been a bit quiet this week, but thats okay because life is busy and im trying to settle into it. so on we go;

I finally picked up summers child,  it was only a pound on kindle!

Twenty years after 11-year-old Daria Cato found a baby abandoned on a beach in Kill Devil Hills, N.C., she is still very much a part of the child's life. Daria's parent's had adopted the infant, but now they are dead and she has accepted responsibility for Shelly--who has grown into a beautiful, slightly handicapped young woman. Without consulting Daria, Shelly contacts Rory Taylor, host of TV's True Life Stories, to ask his help in finding her birth mother. Rory has a personal interest in Shelly's story since he'd been one of the many teenagers hanging out on the beach the summer the baby was found. Daria, meanwhile, has been keeping to herself the crush she's had on Rory for years--along with Shelly's true story. Here, as in previous offerings, Chamberlain (Breaking the Silence) creates a captivating tale populated with haunting characters. 

 Sophie drowned as a child. She died for three minutes. Her childhood trauma is real.

Yet Sophie Smart, hot-shot advertising executive, isn't a child anymore. Now Sophie's most important client, handsome Matthew Silver, is insisting she learn how to swim. She can't blame him really - he's the owner of a chain of swimming centers, and Sophie's in charge of his new advertising campaign.

The last thing Sophie wants to do is get in the water, in a clingy swimsuit, with a client she’s trying to impress. She's not going to win him over flapping around like an idiot, is she?

But with a broken heart from her last relationship, maybe getting into the pool is just what Sophie needs? Maybe Sophie can trust Matthew with her fears. Maybe she can let go. Maybe it's time for Sophie to forget about her past and take the plunge? 

I again picked this up for a bargain price of 70p after seeing it on a kindle deal blog post, it would be rude not too and as i now have a light for it, i can read well into the night!

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  1. I really like Chamberlain and Skinny Dipping looks like fun. I am looking forward to beach reads myself. Have a great week Em.