Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Tea Tag

When i spotted fellow tea lover Clare share her tea drinking habits, i knew instantly i had to jump on her bandwagon and share mine! Make sure you check out her blog!

Do you have a favourite mug to drink tea from?
I have two, on an evening and if im not rushing i use my princess belle mug from the disney store, its huge!! Other than that, i use my other halfs MR.ET mug, something about it is just good for tea! (oh and if im at my mums i use the pg tips one with the strippy monkey ha

 How do you take your tea?
Strong, milk and no sugar,  if im grumpy though, a sugar tends to sneak in when the other half makes it and it works wonders ha.

Do you do herbal tea or is it just traditional?
I drink strong tea, but i have dabbled in lady grey, earl grey and fruit teas. I do like the blackcurrent burst from twinnings, and earl grey is something i am no partial too.

 Why do you like tea so much?
I cant tell you why, ive been drinking it since i was little, out of a bloody beaker but it makes me happy.

Have you ever tried coffee?
I have, i like a posh coffee, and a latte is nice but i have to really fancy it.

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