Thursday, 26 June 2014

Kindle Freebies Reading Challenge

So, i admit it - i made this kindle freebie reading challenge up, but then i thought, why not share it with you all. 
The concept is simple, go onto the top 100 free kindle reads, using a random number generator between 1-100. Then get that book, and the idea is then to read and review it.

So; the book i got i beileve was number 86 - Forever yours - Elizabeth Reyes.

Angel Moreno and Sarah Fiero fell in love in Forever Mine, but for a couple of high school sweethearts, forever is a really long time...

Catch up with them and the whole gang in college as past insecurities resurface. As if dealing with her best friend Sydney wasn't enough, Angel now has two more men to deal with in Sarah's life. There's no shortage of edge-of-your-seat, angsty drama, tears, and laughter as Angel and Sarah's love is put to the ultimate test in this addition to the Moreno Brother series

My intial thoughts
This is book 1.5 in a series, im hoping that i can get by without knowing too much about the characters, the reviews did seem to imply that. It looks like the sort of book i would indulge in and enjoy and is the first i have heard of the author so i think its a good stepping stone into her works.

Author Bio

Elizabeth Reyes is a USA Today Best Selling Author of The Moreno Brothers, 5th Street & Fate romance series.

Moreno Brothers:

Forever Mine - New Adult / Mature YA

Always Been Mine - Adult contemporary

Sweet Sofie - New Adult/ Mature YA

Romero - New Adult

Making You Mine - New Adult
(with bonus Angel and Sarah short "Only 8 days")

Forever Yours - New Adult (Angel and Sarah's follow up (college story!)

5th Street:

Noah - Adult Contemporary

Gio - New Adult

Hector - New Adult

Abel - Adult Contemporary Coming in 2013

Fate series:

Fate (Fate #1) New Adult

Breaking Brandon (Fate #2)- New Adult

Desert Heat series.

Desert Heat - New Adult


When You Were Mine (A prequel novella to Always Been Mine)- New Adult

Felix (5th Street #5) New Adult

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  1. This is a fun way to create a reading list, I often do the same thing with my Goodreads to read pile.