Thursday, 5 June 2014

Mini Tea Time Review - Cabin Fever

Taking inspiration from Caffeinatedbookreviewer i decided to opt for a shorter review that will feel the time whilst the tea brews; so book #1.
The secrets of the Mile High Club revealed …

Mandy Smith spent twelve years strutting down the aisles as one of Richard Branson’s sexy and sassy flight attendants. In Cabin Fever she tells the good, the bad and the downright naughty tales of life in the air.

From dealing with projectile vomit and celebrity tantrums to sipping Manhattans and shopping in New York, this is riotous good fun. Set against a backdrop of exotic locations, the cast of zany characters includes everyone from Courtney Love to Sir Richard himself. Mandy’s jet-setting job allowed her to search the globe for Mr Right, which led her to many steamy love affairs. She even joined the Mile High Club, though not with a clumsy quickie in the toilet but a leisurely bonk in a Cessna. She’s no Virgin, and in-flight entertainment has never been so risqué!

Well, i watched a film that inspired me (well i go through phases) to be an air hostess, then i was suggested this book so obviously i one clicked and here we are. 
This tells the story of Mandy as she embarks on her journey to become a "trolley dolly" from the initial interview stage to her final flight we are taken along the journey with her.
The bits i liked;
* seeing the job
* the shopping
* mand
ys voice
So, i liked the parts where she was actually working the best, even though in parts it was the most unglam job ever, im talking pizza thrown in the face, but thats why i wanted to read this, to see the ins and out. I enjoyed seeing how the days abroad were spent, and i loved mandys voice, it was honest, open and very funny in parts.
The bits i disliked;
*the part
*the sex
y time
It wasnt that i dont like these topics, heck i read erotica like no ones business but it all felt very much, i drank this much and i did this with him and his parts. It just felt like it was very kind i dont know, to me irrelvant. HOWEVER - i do understand she was telling everything that happened and these were parts of her life.


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  1. Great tea time mini and I love that curiosity over a career led you to read it