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Pepper Winters || Twister Together Review

“After battling through hell, I brought my esclave back from the brink of ruin. I sacrificed everything—my heart, my mind, my very desires to bring her back to life. And for a while, I thought it broke me, that I’d never be the same. But slowly the beast is growing bolder, and it’s finally time to show Tess how beautiful the dark can be.”

Q gave everything to bring Tess back. In return, he expects nothing less. Tess may have leashed and tamed him, but he’s still a monster inside.

After surviving the darkness, a new dawn has begun. Twisted Together wades through black to grey, chasing the light of true love to banish the shadows forever.

Pain is a requirement, connection a necessity. But ultimately Q and Tess must face their demons, before they can embrace their future.

What, where, how do i even begin to review this book,my emotions have been everywhere on this journey, i physically felt my heart brake, and mend, and laugh and even bloody cry. Therefore excuse the fact i have used two, yes two gifs! I cant even begin. Ill try. The monsters in the dark series is up there for me with the bared to you, one of all time faves. As soon as release day came i was one clicking like crazy.
Tess accepted Q's proposal of marriage, and whilst she is still broken completely he wants to whisk her away to marry her. Tess, will not still talk about the horrific events she endured, and this is a big issue in the relationship, Q hates lies and Tess is lying to protect him. Its beyond frustrating. The pair head away and Q is adement he can fix her. The scenes that follow are both horrible, but so meaningful to the pair. So, i was all set for the big wedding and figured what else could happen to the pair, oh no - seriously pepper threw in the biggest twist ever and my heart could not handle it. The poor poor couple, but the couple that breathe and know each other inside out, would fight to death for each other. Im trying not to give spoilers because i wouldnt want someone to ruin this for me.
" The stitching in my heart tore wide, spilling my chest with love so deep and eternal. I knew i would do anything, absolutely anything for this man. He was the reason i was alive"
I love the relationship between the two, that even in the darkest moments of been broken the love that flows and ebbs between the two is indescribable. Pepper has done a fantastic job of creating the perfect dark romance series. I just feel like i got caught up in the journey from the first page of book one, and i felt like i knew the characters, and especially Q. 

The last book, was possibly the best, it took us on a new adventure, some of it i wish the couple didn't have to endure. I felt like i got to finally learn everything the couple was about and get closure on them, i feel like i should end this review by wishing them well for the future together, and i hope its much smoother for them.


5/5 all the bloody way

Author Bio
Pepper Winters wears many roles. Some of them include writer, reader, sometimes wife. She loves dark, taboo stories that twist with your head. The more tortured the hero, the better, and she constantly thinks up ways to break and fix her characters. Oh, and sex... her books have sex.
She loves to travel and has an amazing, fabulous hubby who puts up with her love affair with her book boyfriends.  

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