Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A part of me - Anouska Knight (proof copy review)

Amy and long-term partner James have finally been accepted into the adoption process. Then out of nowhere a dark secret changes everything. Will Amy follow her heart and let the thing she wants most in her life slip away from her, or follow that dream, but lie to her heart?


Amy and James have finally been accepted into the adoptation process. It's like all their dreams have come true. We'll Amy's at least. One girly night put of celebration leads to disaster. Seeking shelter in the office they find out who the night shagger is.

Devastated Amy must try and carry on, taking on a huge new work project seems good until she meets who she is working for, Rohan Bywater , frustrating and a prankster. She tries to out price him and accidentally leaves a lovely insult at the end of the email. So Amy tried to balance this an fixing things with James especially as he breaks the news that their social worker wants to meet them.

But things are not as simple as they appear, with both men. Amy is a likeable character all she wants is to be loved and gve a family, but who will give her that or shall she give up on her dream?

This book for me was quite a slow start with several characters to remember , once I got past that I found myself flying through a good chunk of the book. For me it's a good read, gripping, emotive and just good, and honestly all I wanted was what was best for Amy.

A good old mug of breakfast tea

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