Wednesday, 5 November 2014

♥ Have you all seen my new blog header?! ♥

Have you all seen my new header?! Isn't it lovely, so i just wanted to pop up with a quick post with where it came from and how you can get similiar goods of your own. My design was made by the wonderous Imanina at Not Only Polka Dots and fits everything i asked for.


Cute cards, fun notebooks and other cool paper goods

I highly recommend checking her store out, in the past ive also had two notebooks that were beautiful and take pride of place in my notebook stash. Head over to her etsy store to purchase bits and bobs! :)

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  1. Your new header looks great! I really like the style, although that cup tea on top of those books looks a bit dangerous. I love drinking tea while reading. My favourite flavour is ealr grey tea, what's your favourite tea flavour?