Monday, 17 November 2014

♥ How I Blog ♥

Today i decided to share a little about how i blog, how i get posts organised, how i prepare for reviews and all that jazz, this is a post i have been sat on for a while so i figured its time it got written.

Weekly Planner
This is the thing i use most, i picked mine up on a shopping trip for about a pound, and you can get plenty of free printables online with a quick search of weekly planner. I usually sit down on a Sunday or Monday depending what i am working and plan for the week, if i have signed up for something its down on my planner and then i figure out what can fit round.  I then will cross it out once it is written and scheduled. It usually takes a couple of hours to do for the week.

I then use either of these to plan tweets with appropriate tags ie authors publishing companys. I use tweetdeck on the laptop and hootsuite on my phone, so i can run multiple accounts. I schedule my tweets at the same time i do the post meaning i dont have to think about promoting the post if my commitments change (which happens alot!)

Book Journal
I got mine from paperchase, and whilst there isnt room for a full review i can bullet point the things i want to discuss in a review, making it a bit easier when i cant remember what i actually want to say about the book, it also keeps the author, title, publishing company and how i obtained the book if it is relevant to the review itself

Im not the best at putting reviews on goodreads but i try i make an effort to post it after i have written the review that way i can actually see what i have read because i loose track alot of the time.

So thats i how i prep a post! :)

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  1. Instead of a weekly planner I use google calendar. I mark down all the tours and such I signed-up for or posts I have planned on a certain date. It's so handy to keep track of things with a calendar.

    I also use Tweetdeck, although I don't schedule my tweets for blog posts in advance. I really should try doign that once. I tweet about my posts the day itself, althoguh I might schedule a tweet for later on the day as well. I really like Tweetdeck as I use it to manage multiple twitter account on one place.

    Usually I write my reviews on Goodreads first and then copy that and make the post for my blog. But when I don't have access to a computer I migth use a journal to write my review down. I use goodreads to keep track of what I read.

    Interestaing post, thanks for sharing your blogging habbits!