Monday, 10 November 2014

♥ The Little Christmas Kitchen - Jenny Oliver || Review ♥

The mince pies are cooling, the lights are twinkling, and just when you think you’re a roasted chestnut away from the perfect Christmas….along comes the new gift-wrapped treat of a book from Jenny Oliver. Enjoy!
Christmas at the Davenports’ house was always about one thing: food. But when sisters Ella and Maddy were split up, Ella to live in London with their Dad, and Maddy staying in Greece with their Mum, mince pies lost their magic.
Now, a cheating husband has thrown Ella a curved snowball…and for the first time in years, all she wants is her mum. So she heads back to Greece, where her family’s taverna holds all the promise of home. Meanwhile, waitress Maddy’s dreams of a white Christmas lead her back to London… and her Dad.

But a big fat festive life-swap isn’t as easy as it sounds! And as the sisters trade one kitchen for another, it suddenly seems that among the cinnamon, cranberries and icing sugar, their recipes for a perfect Christmas might be missing a crucial ingredient: each other.

♥ Review ♥
Now that its Novemeber, its time for christmas books and well i had to search netgalley, thats where i have found some gems and when i saw this cover, i knew this book was one i had to read, its about christmas and cafes and baking and well come on - thats one of my favourite type of books.

Told from a duel point of view of Ella & Maddy the pair take on a parent trap style lifestyle swap and we learn about the pair as they learn about themselves over the festive period. The book develops each character wonderfully so we learn about their dreams, ambitions and lives to date. Its nice for a book to be so in depth with the characters so allow myself to immerse myself in the world. From the hustle and bustle of london to the laid back life in Greece.

We follow Ella & Maddy as the pair learn not only about themselves but the things they really want, it was everything i enjoy. We followed Ella as she reconnected with her mum, and reminisced wit her as she thought of her childhood, some parts good and some not so much . We follow Maddy as she sets about making her dreams come true in the big london. It was a beautiful read wit the just right amount of festivities 

Oliver did a wonderful job of allowing us to immerse ourselves in the lives of the pair, she created characters that were likeable and well rounded, but full of depth and not just face value.  I couldnt find a single flaw in the book.

♥ Rating ♥

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 Jenny Oliver wrote her first book on holiday when she was ten years old. Illustrated with cut-out supermodels from her sister’s Vogue, it was an epic, sweeping love story not so loosely based on Dynasty.
Since then Jenny has gone on to get an English degree, a Masters, and a job in publishing that’s taught her what it takes to write a novel (without the help of the supermodels). She wrote The Parisian Christmas Bake Off on the beach in a sea-soaked, sand-covered notebook. This time the inspiration was her addiction to macaroons, the belief she can cook them and an all-consuming love of Christmas. When the decorations go up in October, that’s fine with her! Follow her on Twitter @JenOliverBooks

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