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HAVEN an 18 year old girl, shy yet bold, timid yet strong is learning to cope with her ordinary life as it comes, one day at a time. The death of her father always influences her decisions to fall in love and accept the love others have for her. She tries to escape from her depressing life by seeking happiness in the small things but everything changes one fine morning when she wakes up and realises that a new neighbour has moved into the neighbourhood.
TENACE, the boy that moves in next door, is cheeky, smart and mysterious, diverting her attention from her loneliness and allowing her to open her heart in ways she never expected to experience. He changes the way she looks at life and adds to the mystery, when she realizes something has changed inside of her ever since he moved in next door.
From the very beginning of the book Haven has been reliving her dreams from time to time.
Advancing with the new friendship that she creates with Tenace, Haven accepts an invitation to a trip to California where Tenace’s grandmother lives. The grand house and the intellect of such an old woman surprises Haven to new boundaries. It is there where she meets Tenace’s best buddies TONY and RAIDDY. Tony shows keen interest in her, evaluating her every step and trying to push her into thinking about him. It is also there where she realises that all the sexual dreams that she had been having aren’t normal dreams, they are in actuality glimpses of her future.


Her dreams catch up with her and so does the exact moment when she can experience them in real. Her mind is boggled with the ability she has and wonders if she should share this secret with anyone other than herself. Soon her ability expands from only dreams to the power to move objects with her mind.
As her relationship grows with Tenace so does her ability which is recognized by his grandmother. A confrontation takes place where she finally talks about the things she has been experiencing. Haven realizes that she’s not the only one with the power.
It is Tenace who possesses it too and so does his father who she always wondered about. Tenace's grandmother also possesses those similar extraordinary powers due to which she along with her grandson help train Haven control her ability.
It was only when Haven thought the new powers she possessed was all of her concerns when Tony shows an evil side to his desires. His ancestral heritage and the mental stability to be a madman lead’s him to turn out to be the villain of the book, hoping he could possess Havens powers when she would be most vulnerable.
As Tony plans his way to increase his powers, Haven and Tenace move back home. Haven still needs learn to control her powers and she talks about them to ANNE, her best friend. A love interest strikes between Anne and Raiddy. While Anne is ordinary, Raiddy too has the same powers as Haven and Tenace.
Haven begins to get more powerful than Tenace. Teance’s father returns to his family after taking care of certain matters and that’s when Haven’s real training begins. He talks to her about her powers and tells her in detail the different kinds of abilities that exist among their kind. He informs her of a higher power that looks after their kind and calls them ‘The Coven’. He tells her the history behind their kind and that only few of them are left.
Haven’s power surface completely but she still does not know how to fight and control them. Situations get intense and Tony comes back into the picture completely prepared. He kills his own father in the greed for more power and also to set up a trap for Haven. It is at his father’s funeral when he steals her away from all the people that have been protecting her and tries to steal her ability to increase his power. He keeps her prisoner, slowly by slowly sucking away at her powers. Tenace comes to rescue her and so do the others. A huge battle is faced and in the end Anne is the one who saves them all.

Haven finally learns that she can be the most powerful of their kind. She is visited by ‘The Coven’ who introduces her to their world and offers her a place as the next leader. Haven very proudly accepts and realizes that her father from the very beginning knew her ability and shared the same powers as her and that it was always his plan to get his best friend Mr. Colby, Tenace’s father to help him protect his daughter even after he was gone. Haven learns to fit into the coven and finally accepts her true identity, realising that life is full of mystery and that no one is just plain ordinary.
The book advances to the future towards the end, with Tenace marrying Haven and them ending up having a child and living happily ever after...yet to discover more gifted people to come in the future.

About the Author
“Inspiration to me comes only from stories that are truly experienced by other people which are not only those which can be related to but are also worth sharing. That’s why I write. To be inspired and to inspire.” – Dhisti Desai
At the age of 21, Dhisti has written 5 books and is working on the 6th one, and Innocent Desire is her first officially published book. Being a graduate of Mass Media from Wilson College, Mumbai, she set off on a journey of writing not only as a hobby but also as a career. Dhisti has taken up writing since two years and will continue writing till the end of time. Her books are a source of inspiration to others and help in change of heart during tough situations. Her love and passion for writing will never stop and her confidence and dedication will lead her to become a stronger human being and a brighter one in the future. You can find her fanpage for Innocent Desire on

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