Friday, 9 January 2015

♥ Snowbound with the Surgeon - Annie Claydon Review ♥

Let it snow…
Fiercely independent Dr Neve Harrison won’t let the heavy snow stop her from treating patients… she just needs a little help getting there! Her knight-in-shining-armour is handsome, enigmatic Joe Lamont – and whilst the temperature outside is freezing, inside Joe’s four-wheel drive it’s practically sizzling! Joe’s past is a well-guarded secret, but as the snow continues to fall, and they’re trapped in their wintry Yorkshire village with nowhere to hide, can Neve’s healing touch warm this scarred ex-army surgeon’s heart?

This is my first mills and boon, in the terms of this is what you think of, it was also my first medical romance. It was a good 'un.  We meet Neve, who is struggling to make all her calls as the snow is settling and going into the clinic is hard work as well as all the house calls that need doing in a yorkshire village, where is seems everyone is ill. 

A lift scheme is proposed and Neves driver Joe, turns up ready to get her from a to b, not fall in love. Joe is ex army and a surgeon, hes also guarded and slightly smitten with Neve, and seems half the village is smitten with the candian now turned yorkshire man. The pair spend alot of time cooped up in Joes truck and before they know it the snow around the pair is thrawing. Throw in a few more emergencies, and a chance for the pair to learn more about each other and you have a perfect winter read.

I was a bit scepitcal going into this as like i said, i thought it was going to be a bit cheesy and tacky what it was in fact was sweet, loving and cosy. Annie created a true to life yorkshire village, complete with stubborn old ladies, and tonnes of gossip. A wonderful pair of M/C that you felt attached to. She allowed you to get to know the pair, the village and their pasts all in a reltivaly short space of time. It was a sweet, and believable so much happened throughout the book that kept throwing the pair together, and it just made my heart happy.

I would love to delve into more mills and boons in terms of these, i think medical went down well, and i would love to try some more. It was a great way to step foot into the door.
Author Info

Cursed from an early age with a poor sense of direction and a propensity to read, Annie spent much of her childhood lost in books. After completing her degree in English Literature, she indulged her love of romantic fiction and spent a long hot summer writing a book of her own.
It was duly rejected and life took over, with a set of U-turns leading in the unlikely direction of a career in computing and information technology. The lure of the printed page proved too much to bear, though and she now has the perfect outlet for the stories which have always run through her head, writing Medical™ Romance for Mills and Boon.
Living in London, where getting lost can be a joy, she has no regrets about taking her time in working her way back to the place she started from.
 (taken from Annies website)

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