Friday, 27 March 2015

♥ Behind The Scenes - Sophie Childs || Tea Time Review ♥

Things are never quite as they appear.

Bethan Brooks works in London for the ultimate boss from Hell, trying to support her wannabe rockstar boyfriend. But are The Vampire Squirrels really ever going to make it big or is she doomed to be a secretary forever? Luckily, Bethan finds the perfect escape when going to the cinema. There she loses herself in another world and forgets all about the dreaded filing and monotonous office work. Imagine her surprise when one day she encounters her favourite actor on the Tube. Suddenly, she finds herself part of the glamorous movie world she only ever dreamed about. With more at stake than she could ever realise, does she really want to know what goes on behind the scenes?

Do you ever read a book and think i would so watch this if it was a film? yep, i do and this is exactly what i felt with Behind then Scenes. I instantly connected to the book and felt like it would be wonderful to see on the screen. So, we meet Bethan Brooks,  who is so unhappy in her current job, and her only escapism is the cinema (usually alone). On her way into work one day she bumps into one of her favourite actors, and suddenly the day seems alot brighter.

One chance meeting turns into another chance meeting and actually spending sometime together, so when she is actually invited onto a film set, Bethans excitment hits new levels, the only problem? She cant get the time of work,so the only option is to pull a sickey?

One day on set will change Bethans life, and her career path. So with her work life on the up, what on earth is going on with her love life? 

 The characters we meet are a mixed bunch, thrown together they make for a great bunch, some likeable, some down right nasty. The narrative was fast paced and before you knew it you are half way through.

This book was down to earth, funny and a compulsive read, a great debut for the author 

 Sophie Childs is a home educating mother of five. Her claims to fame include hosting an open mic night with Ewan McGregor in the audience and winning both The Weakest Link and The Chase. When she's not running around after her children, puppy and chickens, she writes and writes and writes. Her first novel, Behind the Scenes, is due for publication by So Vain Books in February 2015 and she's currently hard at work on her second, due out early in 2016.

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