Friday, 20 March 2015

♥ #fridayreads ♥

Happy Friday all! Its nice to be back in the game and on the ball heres to hoping i can indulge in some serious reading this weekend!So on with what i am reading;

To save her grandfather’s legacy – The Joshua Steele Theatre – Chloe Steele sells her services to the highest bidder.
Enter leisure tycoon, business angel and playboy, Duncan Thorsen.
But when the bank calls in the debts and the council enforces closure, just how much paparazzi exposure and wheeling and dealing can a girl stomach? 

 When the Smiths move to rural Norfolk to escape the pressures of London, nine-year-old Ben is the first to notice that something's wrong. But for the rest of the family life doesn't really change until the Fairports move next door. Teenagers Romy and Jay are instantly drawn to one another, but their young love is tainted by Jay's dark secret. Always the dilligent student, Romy promises to help, but in doing so uncovers secrets that she wasn't looking for, secrets belonging to her parents.

The unravelling of one secret swiftly leads to another as the family is slowly torn apart

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