Wednesday, 4 March 2015

♥ Why i Read & Blog - World Book Day & My Voucher Codes ♥

As we all know, its world book day tomorrow and as part of campaign book bloggers across the board have been asked to share their stories, how and why we read, what made us do it and the importance to our lives. So here is mine;

The beginning
It all started from year dot, (well i guess been a baby) i always had the bedtime story, my mum always made sure we read too, no matter how horrible the day had been, we would arrive home and recite a book - home again, wash and scrub, bed time milk - goodnight baby mice, before heading upstairs and been allowed to pick a book. I always opted for"Once There Were Giants" 
There is a baby who lives among giants.... Soon the baby grows a little and can walk and talk. Then, one day, the baby is all grown up and has a baby of her own. Suddenly there are giants in the house again, and she realizes, "One of the giants is...ME!" Martin Waddell and Penny Dale trace the cycle of family life as it goes from one generation to the next in this warm picture book.
A book we still hold to this day for that time it can be reproduced for more children coming into the family. 

The Middle
Every Saturday was Library day, usually to return the ten books i had finished and read in the week ( i have always been a quick reader) and replacing them, i spent hours in the library, picking out books, colouring, and when they were free, going on the computers to look at my favourite authors sites. I adored so many books as a child/early teen the most prominent been Enid Blytons Enchanted wood ( a book i just leant my sister of 7 for the first time, and she loved it) and Malory Towers ( i loved a good boarding school book) which is why i think i loved Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson so much, in fact i loved every book she had written and devoured most by the age of 11 

The End (Modern Day)
I stopped reading, it wasnt cool, i mean who still reads? So, i did, i admit it - then i started to read once more, i was looking for a review of a book when i stumbled upon booktube and book review blogs - i also discovered goodreads - a whole site dedicated to books?! How did i not know, i spent a while indulging in all things books and decided - i can do that. I mean, people are looking for reviews, to discover new authors - if i can share the small bit of knowledge i have then thats wonderous. I started Afternoonbookery soon after, the title been a play on afternoon tea & books. I wanted a place to share my thoughts on books, and remember what i had actually read.

Reading is a huge part of my life, not just on my blog, in day to day too - i can almost turn every convseration into one based on books ( i think its a skill) as well as been able to retie books based on a small plot synopsis. I feel like reading allows you to experience things you wouldnt usually, i mean where else can you travel from bed? Visit the most cozy coffee shops from under the duvet? And meet three billionaires in one week? A book, that is where.

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