Monday, 27 April 2015

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Georgia Hill: author bio.

I used to live in London, where I worked in the theatre. Then I got the bizarre job of teaching road safety to the U.S. navy – in Marble Arch!
A few years ago, I did an ‘Escape to the Country’. I now live in a tiny Herefordshire village, where I scandalise the neighbours by not keeping ‘country hours’ and being unable to make a decent pot of plum jam. Home is a converted oast house, which I share with my two beloved spaniels, husband (also beloved) and a ghost called Zoe.
I’ve been lucky enough to travel widely, though prefer to set my novels closer to home. Perhaps more research is needed? I’ve always wanted to base a book in the Caribbean!
I am addicted to Belgian chocolate, Jane Austen and, most of all, Strictly Come Dancing. Keep dancing, everyone!

Okay look, I can do technology. Quite a lot of the time.
I mean, I know what an earworm and a meme is. I confess to being addicted to Twitter and love the live streaming during Downton Abbey and Poldark. I have a Pinterest account, on which I waste far too much time but have to admit the constant changes on Facebook completely bamboozle me.
I have a laptop and mobile phone. I have an iPad, which I don’t really need but love using. I have a car with an onboard computer.
I write young-ish heroines, who have the full remit of gadgetry. In Say it with Sequins, one character even trended on Twitter. Get me!
However, I have to confess it was quite a relief to write a heroine living in a small, rural village in the early twenty-first century. This is for the next book, While I was Waiting. It’s set partly during World War I and partly in the year 2000.
Only fifteen years ago and yet few people round here had mobile phones (very poor signal) and suffered dial-up internet. In order to access the net, I had to run an extension cable from the phone socket to the computer. It meant the phone was continually engaged and, when I became addicted to an internet forum (all right, I fell in love with Richard Armitage and was on a site dedicated to him!) I quadrupled the phone bill.
The Other Half Was Not Happy.
It was a surprisingly tricky task writing about such recent history. You sort of assume nothing has changed! It’s startling to realise there was no Twitter, no Facebook, no internet banking, no e-readers so no digital books and no cameras on the few phones which were around.
It made me realise how quickly technology changes. I won’t say advances, as I’m not sure it does! I mean, do you really trust contact-less payment?
The big excitement for my heroine Rachel, in While I was Waiting, is receiving a digital camera for a birthday present. Mine’s not been out of its box since I got an iPhone.
For me, technology has revolutionised living in a remote village. I can stream films, can order my grocery shopping and have it delivered by a nice man from the very distant Waitrose and I love Streetview; it’s wonderful for research. I hardly have to leave the house!
But, here’s my confession: I’ve never really got to grips with how to download a tune for a ringtone. Embarrassing, isn’t it? I really want to be one of those annoying people who have Happy or Uptown Funk screaming from their back pocket.
I’m a romance novelist though. Maybe I ought to have a more suitable tune? So, over to you. Got any suggestions for when I eventually manage to download one?!
Georgia x

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  1. Technology is great, isn't it Georgia - but I use my iPAD more than my phone and whenever I use my phone to Tweet or FB something goes wrong! I doubt anyone can keep up with all the changes, but it's fun trying! Good luck with writing While I Was Waiting, you'll enjoy taking a break from all of today's gadgetry!

  2. You should come to me, I have a laptop and a £12 mobile I rarely use. I don't have to remember living without tech. LOL I think maybe, I need a hero, by Bonnie Tyler.

  3. Wendy's right: 'I need a hero' should be the anthem of every romance writer. Or maybe Alannah Miles' 'Black Velvet' if you write erotic romance. Personally I have a country song ('Better in a Black Dress' by Katie Armiger) set on my phone.

  4. You're way ahead of me in Techie land, Georgia! So enjoyed your post...a fun read! :)))

  5. Thanks all - and for afternoonbookery for having me on. Currently trying to adapt to an Apple. Nightmare!