Wednesday 29 July 2015

♥ Black Rabbit Hall - Eve Chase || Review ♥

Review Copy
At  Black  Rabbit  Hall  nothing  much  ever  happens  ­-  time  seems  to  move  slower  at  this  idyllic  holiday  home  in  Cornwall.  Until the  worst  thing  happens  and  for  the  Alton  children  time  feels  like  it's  stopped  altogether.  As  they  run  wild,  lost  in  grief  and confusion,  an  outsider,  Caroline  Shawcross,  and  her  dark,  angry  son  Lucian  enter  their  lives,  changing  them  forever.

In  the  present  day,  Lorna  Smith  is  searching  for  her  perfect  wedding  venue  and  is  inexplicably  drawn  to  the  now  crumbling  Black  Rabbit  Hall,  unaware  that  her  own  history  is  locked  up  in  those  derelict  walls...

Sometimes a book lands on your doorstep and peaks your interest instantly, Black Rabbit Hall did just that. I didn't do all too much research into the book, instead opting for going in more or less blind. Told from the past and from Ambers point of view, and the current day story told from Lorna. We learn of the tradegys of Black Rabbit Hall in the past, and how the building is in the current. It's so easy to get lost in the building that you have lost a few hours of time between the pages of the book.

Amber has to grow up fast when a horrible accident results in her mothers death, so when her father brings a new woman into the house along with her son, their lives are about to change forever in a wa
y that no one - and especially the reader expects. I was unsure of how the stories intermingled up until the very end of the book itself, and even when i thought i had it, i didnt - not really.

Lorna is looking to get wed, and for some reason she is drawn to the crumbling walls, and after one visit her future husband is more than happy not to return, however Lorna has too go back, so she does. What we learn is the place has character, the place is linked to Lornas past, and its a part of her - but how /why?

Eve Chase has created a wonderful place, that you as the reader commit too, you become part of Black Rabbit Hall - and you dont leave until all is at peace, its a wonderful book that made me stay up past my bed time serveral times because i needed answers, that could only be found in the pages that lay ahead of me.

Eve Chase always wanted to write about families - ones that go wrong but somehow survive - and big old houses, where family secrets and untold stories seed in the crumbling stone walls.

Black Rabbit Hall is such a story.

Eve is married with three children and lives in Oxfordshire

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  1. This sounds like a good read. Grief can be a tricky topic to handle but it seems like the author handled it well?


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