Friday 28 June 2024

The Mother - Valerie Keogh || Blog Tour


A terrible wife...

Sarah Westfield is unhappily married to perfect husband Nick. Handsome, devoted and kind, he should be the ideal man for her, but Sarah knows their marriage is the biggest mistake she’s ever made…and she wants out.
But then Nick offers her one last chance to make their marriage work – a baby.
Sarah is horrified – a baby would tie herself to this man forever…wouldn’t it? Or could it be exactly what she needs?
So Sarah agrees.

A terrible mother?

When the baby arrives, Sarah struggles with motherhood and her resentment towards Nick only grows. Sarah feels more trapped than ever, but she loves her precious daughter...doesn’t she?
And then baby Kaya goes missing...
And everything Sarah has ever believed in comes crashing down around her...

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Second Chances at the Board Game Cafe - Jennifer Page || Blog Tour


The next warm and uplifting instalment in The Little Board Game Cafe series, perfect for fans of Holly Martin and Christie Barlow.
 In the cosy Yorkshire village of Hebbleswick, single mum Taylor dreams of a fashion design career, but she spends her days fixing zips, hemming skirts and worrying about her son, Max. At the local board game cafe, railway enthusiast Harry, still recovering from a painful breakup, dreams of fatherhood. When Taylor and Harry cross paths, sparks fly, but Harry's confidence issues and Taylor's concerns for Max threaten their budding romance. 
Can they find a second chance at love where they least expect it?
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