Wednesday 23 September 2015

♥ Kobo Glo HD Review ♥

 I'm back, ive taken a break due to job changes, losing one and gaining another - the transition has been one that required all my time and effort. However that aside, im back with something different today and that's a review of the Kobo Glo HD, im an avid kindle user so i was super excited to see if this could tick all the boxes. I received the Kobo Glo HD for review and to share my thoughts with my readers.

The Kobo Glo HD offers the best high-definition front-lit display at the best price to ensure booklovers can read with crisp, clear clarity – just like print on paper. Kobo Glo HD’s thin, lightweight design delivers an unparalleled, comfortable reading experience. Kobo Welcome concierge service, exclusive to Kobo Glo HD, will provide information on getting started, eBook recommendations based on their preferences, and great deals.
As mentioned i am a kindle user, always have been with little knowledge and experience of Kobo past the usual, its an e-reader, so this oppurtunity excited me because maybe this is something i would be interested in. I picked the Kobo Glo HD because of the backlight feature, my original kindle has no light, and this feature was fantastic. It was simple to change the brightness and i spent a good amonut of time doing so because im a  geek and it excited me too much. Before i experienced the Kobo, my impression was one of that it was a clunky device and not very smooth, but this has changed my opinion whole heartily, it was smooth and so easy to use.

I found i needed no guidance with using the device itself, the page turning was simple and smooth. The loading of the kobo store was quick and easy with plenty to choose from (again a concern because kindle has the amazon store) but you can also have books from other sources, something that isnt big with the kindle, however i found plenty i wanted to read straight away. The home screen of the kobo was what i liked the most, with its tiled design i found it reminded me of the microsoft concept. The kobo, when in sleep mode took on the cover of the book i was reading ( i did have a picture but its gone walking to the bin by accident)

With a retail price £109.99 i feel this reflects in the product you get, and i can say the experience of using the Kobo Glo HD has changed all my pre conceptions, the device was nothing like i imagined, it was smooth, easy to use and supports indie authors, in fact the most completed book of 2014 was a self published book, and i know most of the book bloggers i know have a secret longing to be an author. I think its a device i would seriously consider investing in once my kindle bites the dust.


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