Friday 6 October 2017

Each Little Lie - Tom Bale || Netgalley Review

One split second can destroy your life forever 

 Single mother Jen Cornish is just trying to hold things together for the sake of her seven-year-old son Charlie. Until the day when she does an impulsive good deed to help a neighbour, setting off a terrifying chain of events that quickly spirals out of control…

 When she is arrested for a crime she didn’t commit, Jen quickly starts to wonder if someone is playing a cruel game with her - or is she losing her mind?

 Desperate to clear her name with the police, she must first untangle a chilling web of lies. But someone is watching her every move – and it isn’t just Jen who is in danger.

 They’re watching her child as well


It has been a while since i read a thriller that didn't quite cut it for me, this one has sat on my shelf for a while and i decided it was time i got stuck in, with a vague synopsis it could only go one of two ways for me.

Single mother Jen is trying to get through day to day the best she can whilst supporting her seven year old son. She is a good person and only wants to give her son a good role model and an honest upbringing. Someone else though has other ideas.

When one day Jen attempts to do a good deed it comes as a total surprise when she is arrested for a crime that she most certainly did not commit. It sets off an unrealistic chain of events. Events that lead Jen all over the place and no clue who to trust.

I had such high hopes for this book but i was left disappointed with a few things, things that massively didn't work for me. Firstly, the pacing of the narrative - it seemed to get to the point quickly but then the ending seemed to take forever to come, and i feel like we went around the block 3 or 4 times until we got it. I also found the situation slightly ridiculous and didn't work for me, i suppose if i was more familiar with the topic it might of appealed more.

I liked Jen as a character and i often found myself frustrated on her behalf  and i just wanted answers, i felt she was treated right and i just rooted for her all along, she just seemed to attract bad luck. This is the first read of Toms for me, and whilst it wasn't for me, i would happily read more by him just because it had all the chances to be brilliant and i do believe others would find it so.


Author Info

Tom Bale has had a variety of jobs including retail assistant, claims negotiator and project manager, but none was as exhausting as the several years he spent as a househusband with two pre-school children. Tom has been writing since the age of seven, and completed his first novel at fifteen. After twenty years and hundreds of rejection slips, his first novel SINS OF THE FATHER was published under his real name, David Harrison. With his next book, SKIN AND BONES, he acquired an agent, a pseudonym and a book deal that enabled him to write full-time. His latest novel is the thriller SEE HOW THEY RUN, published by Bookouture in May 2016.

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