Monday 1 October 2018

Don't You Cry - Cass Green // Netgalley Review

One stolen baby. Two desperate strangers. One night of terror.
The USA Today and Sunday Times top ten bestselling author returns with a dark and twisty psychological thriller.
She saved your life.
When Nina almost dies during a disastrous blind date, her life is saved by a waitress called Angel. But later that evening, Nina is surprised by a knock on the door. It’s Angel – and she’s pointing a gun at her.
Now she’ll make you pay.
Minutes later, Angel’s younger brother Lucas turns up, covered in blood shielding a stolen newborn baby in his arms. Nina is about to endure the longest night of her life – a night that will be filled with terror and lead her to take risks she would never have believed herself capable of…


I can't recall what drew me to this book or why on a whim this was my next read, i think i was just after something gripping on my desperate hunt for the best ever thriller.  This was a very deep dark and twisty thriller that is a bit all over the place, but that is not a bad thing, not at all.

When Nina heads out on a blind date that she wasn't all that bothered about attending in the first place, things seem to go from bad to worse when she chokes and her life flashes before her eyes, not like oh i was choking but a serious, actually cannot breathe choking and as her date sits there, the waitress - Angel saves her life.

With an already bad evening, Nina is so ready to get home and put the date to the back of her mind. So when the door goes later that evening and its Angel, Nina is completely shocked - even more so when she points a gun at her. 

When Angel claims she needs space and a while later her brother rocks up covered in blood and a very very newborn baby Nina is the most scared, panicked and stressed she has ever been. She is about to endure the longest night of her life.

Don't you Cry is a wonderful read that really is a unique narrative. I had so many questions from the start, why, who and what the heck?! I felt for Nina throughout the story, the battles she was facing both internally and externally - like how on earth would you even begin to process this experience? 

Angel and her brother Lucas were hard to get to know to start with, they have put a poor innocent woman in the middle of a life changing experience without so much as a real thought to her and that bothered me a lot. However, i can't say i warmed to them but i felt like we got to see what on earth was going through their minds, what had led to this moment. 

I was worried i wouldnt get the full answers i was seeking. I did though and for that i was grateful. It was a bizarre read and i remember thinking at the time - is this for real, but then i ended up so very invested in it. So it was totally worth the read, time and effort!

Author Info

Cass Green is a bestselling author of psychological thrillers and an award-winning writer of fiction for young people under the name Caroline Green. Her first novel for adults, The Woman Next Door, was a No.1 ebook bestseller, while the follow-up, In a Cottage in a Wood, was a USA Today bestseller and a Sunday Times top ten bestseller. She is the writer in residence at East Barnet School and teaches courses in writing crime fiction at City University and children's writing for the Writers and Artists Yearbook. She lives in London with her family.

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