Friday 12 July 2019

Don't Tell Teacher || Blog Tour

School should have been the safest place… 

 For Lizzie Riley, switching her six-year-old son Tom to the local academy school marks a fresh start, post-divorce. With its excellent reputation, Lizzie knows it’ll be a safe space away from home. But there's something strange happening at school.

Parents are forbidden from entering the grounds, and there are bars across the classroom windows. Why is Tom coming home exhausted, unable to remember his day? What are the strange marks on his arm? And why do the children seem afraid to talk?

 Lizzie is descending into every parent’s worst nightmare: her little boy is in danger. But will she be able to protect him before it’s too late?

 *** If you loved Behind Closed Doors, Sometimes I Lie and The Couple Next Door, you won’t be able to put down the chilling new psychological thriller from Suzy K Quinn. Don’t Tell Teacher will have you hooked from the very first page!


Let me start with Oh My God! This book was insane! It was bonkers and blew my mind. It was literally something else, i had such a preconception of what this story line was going to be like but i was miles out of the ball park with this one.

Told from multiple perspectives the story unfolds, we meet Lizzie firstly - she has moved to a new area after leaving a terrible relationship, this is her new start with her son Tom. We also meet other characters along the way, Kate - The Social worker who is dedicated to doing right within her job not cutting corners. We also get to know Tom as well.

As Tom starts his new school we start to see a change in him, he is tired, and has mysterious injuirnes and even seziures. Lizzie is worried no one is listening to her - the school has bars on the windows, no one is allowed in or out and the children are all acting wriedly.

This book literally had my heart racing, i was so concerned about poor Tom, what was happening to him at that school? Why was no one able to help him? I was such a mess, and even more so as the narrative unfolded. It was not what i expected, it was dark and very twisted and down right brilliant. This is so up there as one to read! I am so greatful that i got to be on the tour for this because it meant i got to discover such a brilliant read!

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