Thursday 30 January 2020

Safe House - Jo Jakeman || Review

The morning after a terrible storm, a woman turns up in a remote Cornish village. 

She calls herself Charlie, but it's a name she's only had for a few days. She keeps herself to herself, reluctant to integrate with the locals. Because Charlie has a secret. Charlie was in prison for providing a false alibi for a murderer. But Lee Fisher wasn't a murderer to her; he was the man she loved.

Convinced of his innocence, Charlie said she was with him the night a young woman was killed. This sacrifice cost her everything. And now she has a chance to start again.

 But someone is watching her, waiting for her, wondering if she's really paid the price for what she did.


I am taking a break from all the festive feels and delving into something deeper, darker and gripping. Safe House is a bloody brilliant thriller that had me gripped from the very first page. We meet Steffi who has just been released from prison and has bought a run down cottage in Cornwall - she is changing her name and it is a chance to start again. She spent all her time learning how to DIY so she can no longer rely on anyone.

However someone is after her, they believe justice hasn't been served, they believe that not only did she provide a false alibi, she knew what was going on. Steffi (now Charlie) just wants to keep herself to herself, but when she starts notice a few people recognising her and sensing people around her - is she really that clumsy?

Fitting into the community is an important part of her new life, but is that wise? Honestly - this was so good, it was full of twists and turns and shocks. I adored it - getting to know Charlie and spending time discovering what she was really like. Not all is as it seems and as a reader you spend time peeling apart the characters to discover their true nature.

100% Reccomend this read.

About The Author!

Jo was the winner of the prestigious Friday Night Live competition at York Festival of Writing. Her debut Psychological Thriller was published in the UK as Sticks and Stones by Harvill Secker (Penguin Random House) and as The Exes’ Revenge in the USA and Canada. It was shortlisted for the Best Revenge thriller of the year at the Dead Good Reader Awards

If you cannot wait to see if you have won the book then you can pick it up here - 99p E-Book through Novemeber at this price.

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  1. Thanks for your great review. Sounds so is coming up in my reading stack this month.

    Looking forward to it.


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