Sunday 15 March 2020

The Other Mrs - Mary Kubica

When Sadie moves with her husband Will and their two children to a tiny coastal town, it’s a fresh start.

Will swears the affair he was having back in the city is over and Sadie believes him. But their new beginning is tainted when a local woman is murdered, leaving Sadie convinced there’s a killer in their midst.

 Hot-headed, beautiful Camille is obsessively in love with Will. She’s even prepared to follow him thousands of miles to stake out his new home in secret – and in doing so, becomes the only witness to a brutal crime.

 But who is Camille really, and what is her connection to the dead woman? And as the murder investigation deepens, whose secret will be revealed as the darkest of them all?


Firstly apologies for the delay in this review been live.
I have read previous books by the author and i really enjoy the style they always seem on the darker side of a thriller to me and its nice to indulge in something like that. 

Sadie and her husband Will move to a new coastal town after a family tragedy, and its the fresh start they need as Will swears the affair he was having is all behind him and this could fix them.  Sadie chooses to believe him and they set about their new life. However their new existence is threatened when a local women is murdered and Sadie becomes convinced their is a killer stuck on their little island.

Meanwhile Camille is obsessed with Will and she will travel wherever he is to be with him, even if that means moving to a new town but as she does is, she becomes the key witness to a brutal crime. But how are all these connected? 

This was bloody brilliant and whilst i will say it was a slow burner - like it took forever to get to the meat of the story, it was so worth it and when i got to it i totally understand why it was written like that.  The pace was almost leisurely in its reading experience for something so dramatic it really made the experience unique. I loved discovering all the characters and getting to know them as it all unfolded.

A fantastically different thriller - but be prepared to wait for your ending - the wait is worth every minute of reading time.

*Gifted for review*

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