Wednesday 15 July 2020

Precious You - Helen Monks Takhar || Blog Tour

When Katherine first meets her new intern Lily, she’s captivated. Young, beautiful and confident, Lily reminds Katherine of everything she once was – and it’s not long before she develops a dark fascination with her new colleague.

But is Lily as perfect as she seems, or does she have a sinister hidden agenda? As Katherine is drawn into an obsessive power struggle with the intern, a disturbing picture emerges of two women hiding dark secrets – and who are desperate enough to do anything to come out on top…

Breathlessly addictive and deeply unsettling, Precious You is a thriller like no other. Taut, terrifying and with shocking twists at every turn, it will keep you guessing until the very last page.


Perfect for anyone who loved Lucy Foley’sThe Hunting Party, Harriet Tyce’s Blood Orange and Samantha Downing’s My Lovely Wife.

Well, this was a journey! I wasn't sure what to expect when i started this, i feel like not alot was given away and i really didn't know what i was getting into. 

Katherine is an editor at a magazine, having had time off whilst she struggled with her mental health, but she is determined to get back to her fighting best. Their is a new owner who has taken over and Katherine feels like she needs to prove herself more than ever. On the first day though, the bus doesnt turn up and then some young girl hops into the taxi with Katherine. Lily is the niece of the new owner and is soon worming her way into Katherines life. What follows is an obsessive power struggle between the women as we watch them battle to come out on top.

I really enjoyed this, it was gripping and cryptic and unique. Lily had a goal all along but we don't know why, we see Katherines behaviour change as she tries to grapple with her life changing around her and proving she still has it. The characters were so well written, Katherine was both bold and strong but at times unlikable yet in the next sentence i was feeling sorry for her. Lily was both a character that could light up the world around her but shroud it in the darkness the next. She wasnt trustworthy but had a way of making you spill all your secrets.

It was a reading experience like non other, interspersed with clips of blog posts and told from different perspectives as we tried to figure out the narrative kept it really interesting. I found the pacing steady and enough that you savoured it but not too quick that you missed important information. A really different but great read, its left me feeling unsettled, drained and ready for a break. I love it when a book gives you this sort of feels.

I was gifted an e-arc for the blog tour.

Helen Monks Takhar has been working as a journalist, copyeditor and magazine editor since 1999, having graduated from Cambridge. She began her career in financial trade newspapers before writing for national newspapers including The Times, The Observer and The Daily Telegraph.
Originally from Southport, Merseyside, she lives in Stoke Newington with her husband and two young children. Precious You is her first nove

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