Wednesday 30 September 2020

Take Me Home - Alex Hart || Blog Tour


When struggling photojournalist Harper tries to return a dress she bought that morning for a job that's fallen through something catches her eye: the same little girl who was waiting there that morning is still there.

The sales assistant doesn't know whose she is. The security guard at the mall hasn't had anyone come looking for her. Same goes for the local police, and the media.

In fact, no one seems to be looking for little May at all.

Harper knows from bitter experience what awaits May in Child Protection Services. But, without any clues, how do you put the needle back in the haystack? And who would just leave a child like this?

And what if finding her home was the worst thing you could do?

From the chilly streets of New York City to the electric blue skies of coastal Florida - this is an emotional, page-turning road trip that follows a trail of theories, all the way to a devastating revelation.

I was gifted my copy for the blog tour. This was unexpected, i thought it would be a simple case of missing child, weird motives and finding answers but this was so much more. This was complicated, unique and very in depth.

We meet Harper, who is a struggling photo journalist trying to make ends meet. Desperate to be prepared for a job that may or may not come up she spends the last of her money on a dress for the event. Yet when the event falls through, and she returns the dress she spies the same little girl sat waiting that was that morning and no one has seemed to notice.

So Harper takes May to find her missing mother, the security guard at the mall hasnt seen her or her mother, no one has noticed her at any point, even the police leave them waiting for hours. All Harper wants to do is find her mother and prevent her from been taken into care.

So, what ensues is a car journey of epic proportions as Harper, her ex and her friend all set out to try and find Mays home and where she belongs but most of all - why has no one reported her missing.

I really enjoyed this complex thriller where it is so much more than expected. I wasnt sure how it was all linked, no one at first glance seemed connected and no one knows who May is, it was so intricately woven and a real journey to unravel. A great read overall. 

Alex Hart has worked in the film and television industry for over 20 years, primarily in drama and factual development. When she isn’t at her desk, spending time with her imaginary friends, she can often be found reading, paddle boarding, cycling, running and playing squash. She lives with her two Siberian cats, Lilya and Igor.

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