Thursday 22 October 2020

The Good Samaritan - C J Parsons || Blog Tour


Perfect for fans of FOUND by Erin Kinsley, I LOOKED AWAY by Jane Corry and NOW YOU SEE HER by Heidi Perks, this gripping emotional thriller will keep you hooked from the very first page. 
When five-year-old Sofia is taken from the park, her mother, Carrie, is beside herself with worry. Carrie has a condition which means she struggles to read facial expressions, so she is terrified she missed something that put her daughter in danger. 
But just days later, Sofia is found unharmed. The police immediately suspect Josh, the man who found Sofia, but with no evidence against him they are forced to let him go without charges. 
Josh is keen to make sure Sofia is safe and well and Carrie is charmed by his kindness. Carrie also befriends Tara, a mother from the park who helped with the initial search party. But with the identity of Sofia's abductor still unknown, how much should Carrie trust those who have offered their help? 
Are they good Samaritans or has Carrie missed the warning signs?

I was gifted my copy for the blog tour.
Carries daughter has gone missing, and not only is Carrie dealing with the stress of that, she has a condition which means she cannot read facial expression and is worried she missed something that has lead to this. Then a few days later, she is found - unharmed and brought to Carries doorstep by the man who found her. Initially he is investigated as he found her but is soon left alone when no evidence is found. In the mean time Carrie makes a new friend - Tara who she met immediately in the moments after Sofia went missing.

These new friendships soon become suspicious and are the people around Carrie really who they seem. As we follow the book, we see Carries new relationships change, we also see the investigation by the police into Sofias disappearance. A tense read that really leaves the reader really unsure who to trust, i know i certainly flitted from who I believed it was constantly even up until the very end - you were never quite sure. 

I really liked the way the characters were written in this one, they were well layered with depth to them that over time gets unraveled. I felt the pacing was done in a way that time flew by without the reader realising because you were so absorbed in the narrative itself. I felt that there was a depth to this book that was unexpected and whilst when i started it i thought it would be okay but predictable but i was left hooked and eating my words by the end, this was much more than my initial thoughts.

C J Parsons was born in Britain and grew up in Canada. She graduated from Montreal's McGill University with a degree in psychology and went on to earn a graduate degree in journalism. She worked as a newspaper reporter at Canada's Globe and Mail before moving to Hong Kong, where she became a columnist at The South China Morning Post. She also spent two years covering crime, seeing first-hand the disturbing forces that drive people to kill, something that has informed her writing to this day. After returning to Britain, she moved into television news, working as a broadcast journalist for both the BBC and CNN International. C J is now a senior producer at CGTN. She lives in north London with her twelve-year-old daughter

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