Tuesday 26 January 2021

The Sugar Game Blog Tour


Sugar Daddy websites, promising young women money, fun and independence are among the fastest growing sites on the internet. 
 But what really goes on?
 Is there a dangerous reality below the surface?

 The Sugar Game is a novel that takes readers behind the curtain and into the lives of two young women who rush headlong into the world of the ‘sugar baby’. And once they are in, can they get out again?
Jessica and Holly don’t want love, they want independence. They don’t want predictable, they want adventure. They don’t want a relationship, they want to play.
Jessica and Holly’s friendship was as inevitable as sunrise, and hungry for life beyond sleep, eat and repeat, they land in the bright lights of London.
When Holly stumbles across a sugar-baby dating website, a glamorous world of entertaining wealthy men lures them in. They make their own rules, choose an alias and the Sugar Game begins. Jessica’s pursuit of independence is rocked when Jerod, a workaholic scientist opens the door of her latest date. Jessica’s mask slips as he loosens the grip on her stubborn heart. But when he pulls back, her insecurities flare, what is he hiding?
A shadowy figure from his mysterious past may have the answer. What he reveals locks Jessica into a dangerous conflict, putting her security on the line. Determined to find the truth, she battles between her heart and head.
Whatever choice she makes, this is not going to be easy. As rules get broken, will the girls ever win the sweet futures they signed up for?

I was gifted my copy for the blog tour.
Well this was a fast paced read like no other and i got sucked in very quickly and soon found myself immeresed in this fast paced world. Jessica and Holly want the fast paced life of London and all it can offer. So in joining a sugar daddy website it allows them to live the lifestyle they wish without the hassle of real commitment, its fast quick and fun flings for them and all the benefits the world can offer.

I found there was enough in this that delved into the world of the girls but not too much that you was bogged down by it. I felt the narrative moved very very quickly and it kept the pace up throughout the whole read which i enjoyed. I found we learnt plenty of the characters back stories as well to see how it life had shaped and influenced them.

Overall a really enjoyable read that was just enough to quench my reading thirst, it was short and a quick read but with enough depth that it didnt feel rushed.

ASHLEY BROWN is a London-based author and writing coach. Turning her back  on a career in law led her to becoming a notorious jobslut, inspiring her first  book, published in 2018. She has completed various writing courses with  

Michelle Danner in LA and Faber & Faber. The Sugar game is her second novel.  She believes a sense of humor is the only seatbelt required for a creative life,  pursued with infectious optimism. Her writing is inspired by the rollercoaster of  life, fueled by coffee and an insatiable sweet tooth.  

The Sugar Game will available in paperback (£7.99) and ebook (£4.99) at all  good bookshops and online retailers.

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