Thursday 15 July 2021

The Nurse - J.A Corrigan || Netgalley Review

When you hear her story, will you believe her? 
 Rose Marlowe is a hard-working nurse, a loving wife, and a merciless killer. Or so she says. Despite her confession, it is hard to believe that this beautiful, kind woman could have killed her vulnerable patient in cold blood.
 Down-on-his luck author and ex-journalist, Theo Hazel is convinced that there’s more to what happened than Rose is telling, and so decides to visit her behind bars to write her story. His first surprise comes when Rose reveals that the victim was not a stranger to her.
 As time goes on, it seems that Rose is letting Theo see behind her perfect mask. With each new visit, he learns terrible new things about her heart-breaking past. With each new visit, he becomes more and more convinced that she can’t be a killer. But is he trying to free an innocent victim, or falling prey to a calculating murderer?

 *Gifted my copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. *

 A thrilling unique story where not all is as it seems.

 Rose is a nurse, the medical career is all she has ever wanted to do, she is married but despite all this, she is also a killer. Confessing to the murder of a patient in her care she is jailed and that is case closed. However, journalist Theo is not sure this is the case and wants to hear Roses side of the story so he takes a chance and writes to her asking to visit her and to his surprise she says yes. 

 As we meet Rose in Jail the reader is privy to the conversations between Rose and Theo as she tells her story. We learn the victim was someone she knew, and as we delve into into Roses history, is Theo been taken in by a manipulative killer or is she really covering something?

 The nurse is told from different times, so we learn about Roses past as she tells her story to Theo from the very beginning (her teen years) but we also follow Theo as he investigates the narrative Rose is telling him. I enjoyed following Theo as he discovered the hidden parts of the story.

 I can't say I really trusted any of the characters that much and everyone seemed to be hiding secrets that no one wanted to divulge which kept me interested because as a reader, you need answers right? Why are they all hiding secrets?
The pacing of the story was great and you would just start to piece things together and then the narrative would change so as a reader it kept you hooked because you needed the next part of the story.
 I thought it was a unique look at a thriller and a mix between thriller and the crime programs I watch on netflix. A complex twisty turny read.

JA Corrigan was born in Nottinghamshire. She studied in London, completing a BA (Hons) Humanities degree, majoring in Modern History and English Literature.
Travelling in Europe for several years, she taught in both Greece and Spain – countries and cultures she found fascinating. On return to the UK she gained a BSc (Physiotherapy), becoming a Chartered Physiotherapist. Her first suspense thriller, Falling Suns, was published in 2016.
She currently lives in Berkshire with her family.
JA also writes modern historical fiction under the pseudonym Jules Hayes.

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