Friday 3 March 2023

Paris Requiem - Chris Lloyd|| Blog Tour


A gripping World War II murder mystery—and a beautifully drawn portrait of Paris under Nazi occupation—with compelling and conflicted hero Detective Eddie Giral at its heart. 
 Paris, 1940. 
 As the city adjusts to life under Nazi occupation, Detective Eddie Giral struggles to reconcile his job as a policeman with his new role enforcing a regime he cannot believe in, but must work under. 
 He's sacrificed so much in order to survive in this new world, but the past is not so easily forgotten. When an old friend—and an old flame—reappear, begging for his help, Eddie must decide how far he will go to help those he loves.
 The notion of justice itself quickly becomes as dangerous, blurred, and confused as the war itself. And Eddie’s morale compass, ever on unreliable foundations, will be questioned again and again as the ravages of the German occupation steadily attempt to grind him—and the city he loves—into submission. 
 Negotiating a path between resistance and collaboration, he can remain a good man and do nothing—or risk everything he has achieved in a desperate act of resistance.

I won my copy on twitter and i am so glad i did. We all know i love a murder mystery but this one had the added impact of been set in world war two. Told in first person made the reading experience absolutely gripping.

 Not only do we have the investigation taking place after a body is found, a body of someone who should actually be in prison (yet no record of him is found!) but we also see Paris in a new light, the light of the occupation taking place. We see the day to day impact its having.

I hadnt read the first one but there was enough of a back story present that you had enough knowledge surrounding Eddie and the sort of person he is. How his morale compass works, his beliefs and so much more.

Really recommend delving into this if you like your murder mystery with a bit more. A bit of history thrown in and i can see this ticking alot of boxes for alot of people. Really gripping and intriguing read.

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