Tuesday 22 August 2023

Only Love Can Hurt Like This || Paige Toon || Review

An earth-shattering secret. A life-changing love story. 

When Wren realizes her fiancé is in love with someone else, she thinks her heart will never recover.

On the other side of the world, Anders lost his wife four years ago and is still struggling to move on.

But Wren doesn't know that Anders is harboring a secret, and if he acts on any feelings he has for Wren it will have serious fall-out for everyone. Walking away would hurt Wren more than she can imagine. But, knowing the truth, how can she possibly stay?

I haven't read much by Paige Toon but I know so many people who swear by her books, I think I've read one at some point but I knew I was in the mood for weepy, heartbreaking love so i decided to give this a go and boy oh boy. This was exactly that. We meet Wren at the exact moment she realizes her fiance is in love with someone else. It's not dramatic caught him a cheating moment, instead, it's so much deeper. This beginning alone was enough to set the scene for me in terms of Paige's writing. Full of feels.

So she takes a break from her life as she knows it and goes to stay with her Dad and his family in America. Whilst Wren starts to enjoy her holiday we start to discover more about a man called Anders. Who is battling his own turmoil. Wren realizes she wants to stay a while, get to know her family for more than just a holiday and as she can work remotley it seems a good chance as any to spend a summer away. As the pair grow closer (throw in her half sister & anders brother) the relationship shows each of them what they are seeking however life isnt that simple and Anders is stuck and his secret could impact so many. So when Paige discovers the truth, it leaves her once more in turmoil.

This was a beautifully written read that is full of deep emotions, complex relationships and wonderfully written characters and settings. I found myself dreaming of the summer on the farm, the sights the smells and even the friday nights drinking rum and coke. I felt happy, weepy but mostly this is the book you really curl up and loose yourself and your heart in. I can totally see why people have such attachement to Paige Toons writing. 

Absolutely one to be adding to your TBR

Paige Toon grew up between England, Australia and America and has been writing books set in sun-drenched locations around the world since 2007. She has written fifteen novels, a three-part spin-off for young adults and a collection of short stories. Her books have sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide. She loves hearing from her readers so get in touch via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @PaigeToonAuthor or visit her website and sign up to her free newsletter The Hidden Paige.

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