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Second Chances at the Board Game Cafe - Jennifer Page || Blog Tour


The next warm and uplifting instalment in The Little Board Game Cafe series, perfect for fans of Holly Martin and Christie Barlow.
 In the cosy Yorkshire village of Hebbleswick, single mum Taylor dreams of a fashion design career, but she spends her days fixing zips, hemming skirts and worrying about her son, Max. At the local board game cafe, railway enthusiast Harry, still recovering from a painful breakup, dreams of fatherhood. When Taylor and Harry cross paths, sparks fly, but Harry's confidence issues and Taylor's concerns for Max threaten their budding romance. 
Can they find a second chance at love where they least expect it?

I received my copy as part of the blog tour for review

I was so thrilled to be accepted onto this tour as i am a huge fan of this series as you can see from my review here & here so to be returning to Hebbleswick was a joy to me and let me tell you this was like greeting old friends.

There is something about Jennifers writing that is comforting and warm to me, its just peaceful and lovely and if she could write more asap that would be great. This time we meet Taylor who dreams of been a fashion designer but life got in the way so she has settled for fixing zips and minor alterations. After all her far flung dreams dont pay the bills and with her young son Max to worry about thats all that really matters. 

We also get to learn abit more about Harry this time who is a railway enthusiast who visits the boardgame cafe so when the pairs paths cross although they seem like an unlikely pair there is certainly some chemistry building. When Taylors day job seems at risk with the help of her new friends it looks like there might be a possibility of some of her dreams coming true as she starts a new trend within the community. 

Once again - this was a joy to read, the small village feels, reuniting with old friends and making new along with some lovely coffee visits. This is one to sit down and enjoy. I was so sad i finished it because i am so invested in all these characters as they go about their day to day lives.

Jennifer Page wrote her first novel – a book about ponies – when she was eight. These days she prefers to write romance. When she isn't writing, Jennifer can usually be found playing board games which are the inspiration for her first novel. She has worked as a television producer, a music teacher and has even run a children's opera company. She now lives near Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire with her husband and his large collection of games.

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