Saturday, 29 December 2012

#FridayReads (on a saturday)

So this week, i am still aiming to finish the perfect christmas as i never finished it last week, and if i dont bother reading it now, i never will as the end of the festive season draws to a close i best get a move on.

My Second read is going to be my bath read which is The 100 year old man who climbed out of a window and dissapeared which will be a perfect book for bath time as it seems like its light hearted and silly with a bit of adventure, nothing too taxing.
Sorry its a Saturday, whats taking your literay fancy this week??

Friday, 28 December 2012

Let it snow - by John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle

Genre; Young Adult
Difficulty 3/10
I picked this up after wanting to read it for ages and finally got round to this within the last week. The novel is consists of three different stories within the christmas period based at a waffle house. I had real high hopes for this book, based on reviews i thought i would breeze through it, in terms of writing style i did. However with three different stories and three different authors i learnt that i could not get into the second novel, it took me a long time and whilst i am usually a fan of John Green, i beileve the characters just did not interest me. The first book was light hearted, comical and just what i expected. The second whilst similiar i just couldnt attach myself to the characters, maybe a younger audience could though. The third and final novel i flew threw as its style was def something i would pick out myself, quite a girly novel. Overall - this is a nice winter book and not too heavy and totally suited for young adults.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Small Haul #1

Photobucket PhotobucketSo, since i discovered the world of book blogging its like a love affair has once more being reuinted. Oh - i am forever just popping into the bookshop, its so quite and lovely. However today, i actually made a few purchases, i usually opt for kindle books but in need of some bathtime reading and with some christmas money to spend i picked up the following;
The Snow Child; Eowyn Ivey
A girl i work with was gifted this and mentioned it a few times, i very nearly got this the other day but put it back so today i picked it up. Classed under literay fiction a full review can be found on goodreads
The Midnight Palace; Carlos Ruiz Zafón
I am not sure what made me pick this up, as it is something i would not usually opt for especially as it seems to fall under the fanatasy category however, something caught my eye so im interested to read this - goodreads.
The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared - Jonas Jonasson,
This just sounded like a fun read, i had seen this a few times before i decided to buy it. Bathtime reading is usually something light and easy to wind down with and as this falls under the humor category i thought this would be good - goodreads
I then picked up two books on the kindle store after discovering alot of bargains
Life Of Pi - Yann Martel
With the film being released there is already a huge hype building around this book and when Scott told me it was 20p on amazon it was daft not too really especially as i planned to read it anyway
It's Not Me, It's You - Jon Richardson Been a huge fan of this man i was well chuffed to spy this for only £2 for those who dont know Jon is a british comedian with a OCD and obsessive with his housework. Goodreads
Scott also then picked up Fifty Sheds Of Grey and 1227 QI facts To Blow Your Socks Off.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Memory Keeper's Daughter - Kim Edwards

Genre; Adult Fiction
Difficulty; 5/10
I saw a youtube review of this book here & figured this is something i would enjoy. The book itself is based on the lives of two families after the doctor (the husband) gives away one of his children at birth due to downs syndrome. The story follows the lives of the characters as they grow and how his decision has impacted their lives. The pace at the beginning is a bit slow but stick at it and pay attention and this story grows into one that has you hooked until the end. The ending i found left alot to be desired however, i didnt write it so i can't complain. The writing style is fairly easy to read and it only ever swaps between the two families their is no othersides to the story which i don't think i could deal with. If you want to hear my chatter about this book - check out my youtube here

Thursday, 20 December 2012

#FridayReads (christmas edition)

Photobucket I am currently finishing up the memory keepers daughter, and hope i will have finished it by tonight. The first book i intending on reading over the weekend is Debbie Macombers - The perfect christmas which is perfect with christmas being right round the corner. Since i enjoyed 16 lighthouse road so much, and Debbies writing style, i thought this would be a lovely pick in time for christmas.

My second read is going to be John Greens - Let it snow (three holiday romances) i saw this after someone added it to the tbr list on goodreads, and i knew straight away i needed this, once i spied i could get in on my kindle - its there. I love the fact its three different stories all intermingled by "teenage" authors meaning its not going to be heavy or indepth but i am hoping for a light hearted holiday read.
I am on youtube too here

What are you reading this friday??

Saturday, 15 December 2012

16 Lighthouse Road (Cedar Cove #1) - Debbie Macomber

Genre; Chick Lit
Difficulty; 4/10

Debbie Macomber was an author suggested to me by a fellow reader and when i stumbled across this book i decided to finally give her a try. Cedar Cove is a 12 book series with 16 Lighthouse Road been the first focusing on several residents of the area and the relationships that occur between them all. I find Debbies descriptive nature similiar to that of Nicholas Sparks. The characters i find well written and easy to understand although, at first it seems there is a lot of swapping and changing between characters so if you are not good at remembering who is who, make sure you focus. I found this a relatively easy read once i got to know who was who and really enjoyed the book itself, it really is like the day to day lives of those in a small town with nothing gigantic as the focal point instead the characters own situations which i find i prefer. At first i wasn't sure if i would continue the series but upon finishing the book, i most certainly will.

Who would i reccomend this too? - Someone looking for an easy girly read, def a holiday read.