Friday 17 February 2017

Q&A with Bella Osborne

Next up this week to feature on my week long valentines q&a is Bella Osborne Bella writes with Harper Impulse and writes Beach Reads (we all know how i love a beach read) so lets have a chit chat shall we.

Firstly, thankyou for coming over to afternoonbookery for a valentines chat, tea or coffee? Thank you for having me! Tea and a biscuit, preferably a custard cream if you’ve got one, please.
Yes i do! Here have two.

So as someone who covers romance in their books how are you planning on spending your valentines day? 
I’m afraid the romance doesn’t always spill over into real life! This Valentine’s Day I will exchange cards with my husband when he brings me a cup of tea in bed and in the evening we’ll enjoy a Marks and Spencers Dine in for two with our daughter. When you’re a parent your opportunities to be romantic are rather limited but we do pretty well throughout the year, so we can’t complain.
Oh  no, i love a dine in for two! They are one of our favourites, and thats it, it doesnt have to be romantic on just one day of the year.

What reads really can get you in the loved up mood??
I love a romantic comedy and a happy ending so pretty much anything that fits that criteria works for me. I have some go to authors that always restore my faith in romance and the human spirit in general, they are: Jill Mansell, Katie Fforde, Wendy Holden, Zoe Barnes and Marian Keyes.
Oh, there is a few there i havent tried so i will adding them to my list!

When writing about romance do you find it comes easy or do you look for inspiration?
My main characters tend to come to me easily and as I get to know them their story unfolds. Often the romance element takes me a bit by surprise as the characters work their way round all the hurdles I put in the way of their happily ever after - I am so mean! I am also a blatant people watcher and I jot things down all the time which helps when I am in need of inspiration.
Oh, i love this answer! I can imagine people watching certainly helps though.

 Out of all your lovely leading characters do you have a favourite?
It’s a bit like asking someone to choose their favourite child but I have to say that Charlie from A Family Holiday will always be a special one for me. She’s a fighter and no matter what life throws at her she won’t be beaten by it. I’m also more than a bit grateful to her as the book has been shortlisted for the Contemporary Romantic Novel of the Year 2017.
Yes i saw that, congats are in order! what an achievement.

Who is your goto author for romance? I mean we all have them. Those who you know are just going to be awesome! 
I have a few, see above, but if I had to pick one it would be Jill Mansell, she is such an inspiration as her stories are always engaging and keep me hooked until the last page
Its been a long time since i read some Jill Mansell, i think ill be dipping back in.

So tell us about your latest book?
It’s called Willow Cottage and here’s the blurb - Beth is running away. With her young son Leo to protect, Willow Cottage is the lifeline she so desperately needs. Overlooking the village green in a beautiful Cotswolds idyll, Beth sees a warm, caring and safe place for little Leo. When she finally uncovers the cottage from underneath the boughs of a weeping willow tree, Beth realises this is far more of a project than she bargained for and the locals are more than a little eccentric! A chance encounter with gruff Jack, who appears to be the only male in the village under thirty, leaves the two of them at odds but it’s not long before Beth realises that Jack has hidden talents that could help her repair more than just Willow Cottage. Over the course of four seasons, Beth realises that broken hearts can be mended, and sometimes love can be right under your nose… Willow Cottage is part of a serialized novel being released in four parts digitally. Parts one and two are available now with part three coming out 23rd March and the final part on 18th May. The full book will be out this August when it will also be available in paperback.

 Lastly, any words of love you want to share? 
In these turbulent times let’s all remember to be kind to each other.

Thankyou so much for stopping by, it has been such a pleasure to host you here on my little blog!

Bella Osborne

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