Monday 9 April 2018

April Book Haul

It has been a while since i have written a haul but i seem to have acquired a few new books - what with it been easter an all (yeah..i spent easter money on books as well as chocolate eggs which i have now hidden away from myself) So i thought i would sit down and share the reads i have picked up and why i am excited to read them.

1. The Holiday Cottage By The Sea
I put a little shout out on twitter for chick lit, beach, sweet romance read and this one came recommended to me. I have read a lot of thrillers lately that have left me anxious and on edge at bedtime and i needed to give my poor mind a rest. I am halfway through this and its exactly what i was seeking.

2. The Cows
I Honestly thought this was about cows which is why i avoided it. Seriously, i thought it was about a farm but i love love love Dawn O'Porter and when she actually explained on Twitter the premise (i mean i really should of looked on Goodreads) i knew it was a must-read for me. So conveniently the next day was payday and i ended up in Waterstones and had to obviously get this. It has blown up lately so i am looking forward to delving into it.

3. Bring Me Back
Having read and loved behind closed doors i was keeping an eye out for this. I started this the other night and i am already on edge with it. I have a feeling this is going to be one of the reasons i need all the sugar sweet reads because i already feel like a ball of anxious mess about 4 chapters in. 

4. The Friend
I do love a Dorothy Koomson so when i spied this in Tesco on the 2 for £7 deal it was obviously by second choice, i haven't heard all too much about this one but it doesn't mean i am not excited to delve into it. I love her writing style and i am yet to find one of her books that doesn't grip me.

5. Bad Sister
My auntie offered to buy me any book from Tesco and there wasn't all too much i fancied at the time but this one stood out and having recently read a few reads very similar to this this one looked like it could tick the boxes for me. This is one i haven't heard all too much about it and I'm using that as a good thing to go into the read blind.

6. Summer at the Castle Cafe
I needed another feel good chic lit read to add to my pile because like i mentioned and i am sure you can see that there is a bunch of darker heavier reads and i need to mix it up. This looked like another read that would tick all the boxes and be a sure fire hit with me.

So thats what i have picked up recently. Have you read any of these? Can you recommend them? 

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