Monday 8 June 2015

♥ The Cake Shop In The Garden - Carole Matthews || Tea Time Review ♥

Fay Merryweather runs her cake shop from her beautiful garden. She whips up airy sponges and scrumptious scones, while her customers enjoy the lovely blossoms and gorgeous blooms. Looking after the cake shop, the garden and her cantankerous mother means Fay is always busy but she accepts her responsibilities because if she doesn't do all this, who will? Then Danny Wilde walks into her life and makes Fay question every decision she's ever made. When a sudden tragedy strikes, Fay's entire world is thrown off balance even further and she doesn't know which way to turn. Can Fay find the strength to make a life-changing decision - even if it means giving up the thing she loves the most? Life, love and family are about to collide in The Cake Shop in the Garden.

Fay runs a little cake shop from the house/garden in which she looks after her mother in, because her mother needs looking after apprently, so there has been no other option for Fay but to run her business out of the home. As the new season is starting to approach, Fay sets about getting the business organised when a handsome man docks up and is searching for a Bacon sandwhich (something the cafe doesnt usually cater for!)

Danny is seeking some work for a few days, and Fay needs a man around especially as her partner is not much use around the place,so after she offers to supply him with bacon a friendship is formed. As things with the cafe seem to get better, her mum seems to get worse,let alone she is barely spending any time with Anthony (not that he is making plans either)

When a huge tradegy strikes, and everything Fay has known gets thrown into disarray - she suddenly learns where peoples loyalites actually lie, who her real friends are, and those who have walked all over her from the get go. What will actually happen? And is Fay stronger than she thinks?

The cake shop in the garden is a wonderful summer read, that has you longing for a wonderful cup of tea and some of Lijas fantastic cakes (or even a bacon sandwhich) Matthews has created an idilic setting that you just feel yourself in. Fay has also created some wonderful characters both the good and bad, but they were all so were built that you never once questioned them even when they were doing things that were wrong.
Carole Matthews is an international bestselling author of hugely successful romantic comedy novels. Her unique sense of humour has won her legions of fans and critical acclaim all over the world.

A Minor Indiscretion and A Compromising Position both reached the Top 5 in the Sunday Times bestseller chart in the UK. You Drive Me Crazy reached number 8 in the original fiction charts. The novel Welcome To The Real World was shortlisted for RNA romantic novel of the year 2007.

In 2006 Carole co-edited - with writer Sarah Mlynowski - two new editions of the hugely popular Girls' Night In charity series called Girls' Night Out - one for the USA and one for Canada. All proceeds go to War Child.

Carole has presented on television and is a regular radio guest. When she’s not writing novels, television or film scripts she manages to find time to trek in the Himalayas, rollerblade in Central Park, take tea in China and snooze in her garden shed in Milton Keynes which is near London, England.

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