Wednesday 6 June 2018

Day 1 & 2 Readathon Update

So day 1 & 2 is done. 
I thought now was the time to give you an update on what I have managed to read and if I have actually finished anything so far in my little readathon. I've found I've been carrying my Kindle around with me again should I have a wait somewhere I can just whip it out of my bag and have a little read.

Day 1

As you would have seen by now I was on the Mad blog tour so i had to get some reading done on this. I was only on page 62 so I managed to fit in 36 pages before I had my lunch. After that, I sat down to watch Magic Mike and finish reading with a nice cup of coffee. I managed to finish this book which was 370 pages in total.

After I had finished Mad I resumed on with The Date, I was currently on 72% so I opted for a bit of early evening reading before Love Island started, I managed to pull this up to 79% of the way through.

Day 2 

First things first I thought I would do some pre-breakfast reading and got to 84% before i realized i had to get ready.

As I mentioned I have started carrying my Kindle around with me again, so this came in handy when I ended up accompanying my step mum to a hospital appointment (that I hadn't planned on) So i managed to get a bit of reading done whilst I waited for her and got this up to 91% so I am hoping to finish this on Day 3

As I had finished my paperback (my bath book as such) I picked one that's sat on my shelf for a while, I've had this since about 2015 so I started this and read 85 pages in total so far. I feel like its going to be a rollercoaster book and I'm sure ill end up snot crying in the bath but so far its lovely.

Books read so far;1
Books reading; 2 

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