Friday 11 January 2019

Snowy Nights At The Lonely Hearts Hotel - Karen King // Netgalley

Snowy rooftops, mulled wine, and a hot single dad. Not the Christmas Saffy wished for… but maybe the one she needs?

 Twenty-nine-year-old Saffron Baxter knew her fun holiday plans didn’t stand a chance the moment her sister called to say she was stuck abroad with no hope of being home before Christmas. Saffy would just have to abandon thoughts of wild festive parties in the city and head down to remote Cornwall.

 Because every year her sister hosts a huge Christmas meal for all the single parents in her village. And Saffy knows it’d break her heart to let them down.

 Arriving as snow starts to fall over the thatched cottages of the little harbour town of Port Breok, she meets Logan – the tall, fair-haired, blue-eyed, devoted single dad who lives over the road, with his adorable daughter Chloe. At first she thinks he might help her make Christmas Day extra-memorable, but he just seems convinced she’ll never manage – that she’s just a party girl who doesn’t care about family, or anyone’s feelings.

 Maybe he’s right. After all – she doesn’t want to settle down, she’s only there for a few days… But she’s still determined to do her sister proud with gorgeous decorations, the most beautiful real tree – complete with extra twinkly lights, and delicious mince pies. To make it a Christmas everyone will remember, especially little Chloe. Even if, when the mistletoe comes down, she knows she’ll probably never see Logan again…

 The perfect festive romance novel, ideal for fans of Nora Roberts, Jenny Hale and Debbie Macomber.


I know Christmas is well over by now but i am not quite ready to get rid of the festive reads just yet, the minute i do i will be well on with the summer beach reads so i decided this one looked cute. Having visited Cornwall for the first time last year i also love a book set there even more than i did before. I always imagine myself living there in a coastal cottage been an author. Ha. So lets chat about this book.

Saffy is a career driven party loving girl with no plans to settle, she is quite happy spending her christmas partying with her closest. When her sister calls in a panic as her twins are poorly and she cant return home from holiday but has planned her annual christmas party and she doesnt want to ruin these single parents christmas with their children.

Saffy arrives with a list of instructions from her sister to make planning this party as simple as possible, and with help from Logan the neighbour across the road it really should be easy. What she didnt count on was how helpful Logan would be, and how lovely his little girl was. However - what she does know is this is a holiday and whatever happens in cornwall will be over when christmas is. 

When life throws in a curve ball though, could it all change?

I really enjoyed this, it was a fun read - i was worried by the half way point about how it was going to fill the whole book, but oh it worked there was plenty to continue on with. Saffy was focused on her career and Logans first impression of her was one of loving herself, slightly selfish and glam but when she opens the door in a polar bear once that is soon dispelled. Saffy is a lovely and likeable character, i really enjoyed learning about her and her personality.

Logan is another fab character, he has a heart of gold and i have heard that he is rather swoon worthy too, he devotes his time to raising his daughter Chloe and protecting her. The relationship that develops between the three of them is a delight to read and with a backdrop of snow starting to fall, and all the hot drinks it really did make me smile. A great read for starting to round off the festive reads. 

Author Info

Karen King is a multi-published author of children's books, YA and romantic fiction. She has had 120 children's books published, two young adult novels, six romantic novels and several short stories for women's magazines.

'The Cornish Hotel by the Sea', published by Accent Press, became an international bestseller, reaching the top hundred in the Kindle charts in both the UK and Australia, and #2 and #3 in Holiday Reads respectively. Karen recently signed a two book contract with Bookouture, the first book 'Snowy Nights at the Lonely Hearts Hotel' was published in November and her second book, 'The Year of Starting Over', is out in February 2019.
She is also under contract at Littwitz Press, her book “Rise of the Soul Catchers” was published in April 2018.

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