Tuesday 9 April 2019

Week 1 update #OWLSreadathon2019

So, here we are week 1 of my first readathon in years and i can say i have actively got stuck in. Starting the 1st of April i made sure i finished the book i was reading and ready to go with my first read; so here is how i got on in week 1.

Day 1
So, i was already reading a book that i had nearly finished not relevant to the readathon, i finished this mid afternoon giving me a clean break of a few hours before bed time when i planned to start the readathon.
Book 1 - The Dare ( A Sequel) Potions.
So the first class i opted to study for was Potions and i did that by picking The Dare which is a sequel. I read for about 45 mins and got to 7% on my kindle (which is not much indication of pages, ive worked it out at about 30 pages which really is slow reading) I did also browse and scroll on my phone, chat and listen to the radio so it was a starting point.
 Day 2 & 3
Days 2 & 3 have been chilled days so i didn't massively get too much reading done however overall i am now on 42%, day 2 saw me reach 37% and then day 3 i hit 42%. I am really really enjoying this book so much, i love Carols writing and i have been a fan of this series since i started it so i am glad this was my first read of the readathon so far!
Day 4 & 5
On day 4 i made it to 62% of The Dare, like i said i have really been hooked on it so i have been cramming it where i can, and then by day 5 saw me actually finish the read as a whole! I then thought it best be time to start on my next subject which was Transfiguration which was a book with a red cover so i started Paper Ghosts by Julia Heaberlin but turns out i read it and just never marked it as read so i scrapped that whilst i need to find a new read in its place.
Day 6 & 7
So i took up Defence Against The Dark Arts instead which is a book starting with R - I started and made it to 5% of Redemption Point (i didnt realise this was book 2 in a series) So i have been enjoying this and whilst i havent read the first one i can get away having not read it. Day 7 so absolutely no reading what so ever as i ran my first marathon!! By the time i had finished that, i just face planted a pizza and went to bed and slept for 12 hours.

So so far ive started 3 books - finished 1 and currently reading 1. I would say week 1 has gone very well! x

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