Sunday 30 June 2019

Closer Than You Think - Darren O'Sullivan || Netgalley Review

He’s watching. She’s waiting.

Having barely escaped the clutches of a serial killer, Claire Moore has struggled to rebuild her life. After her terrifying encounter with the man the media dubbed The Black-Out Killer, she became an overnight celebrity: a symbol of hope and survival in the face of pure evil. And then the killings stopped.

 Now ten years have passed, and Claire remains traumatised by her brush with death. Though she has a loving and supportive family around her, what happened that night continues to haunt her still.

 Just when things are starting to improve, there is a power cut; a house fire; another victim found killed in the same way as before.

 The Black-Out Killer is back. And he’s coming for Claire…


I came across Darren O'Sullivan last year on twitter and mentioned him here where i had just started reading one of his previous books and i enjoyed it. So when i was looking for a new thriller to read i found this as it recently been released on my netgalley to read.

OH MY GOSH this book was something else, i ended up with the biggest stress headache ever from it, i was so tense, my brain was ticking over left right and centre trying to predict what was coming, where it was going and who on earth was The Black-Out Killer.

Claire survived a truly horrific attempt on her life nearly 10 years ago, but she survived, she fought and she won and now she is waiting. Although she survived that night, her life feels like a daily battle to survive. She is surrounded by a truly loving and supportive family and has even started to meet someone special. Her life could be on the up. Then Black Outs start again, then another victim is found and it has all the trade marks of The Black Out Killer. 

Told from different POV we get to know not only Claire but The Black Out Killer, we get to start to understand what is going through their mind, why he does this, why he is watching Claire. I really underestimated how good this book would be. It is one of the best so far this year. It was a real roller coaster of a journey, full of twists and turns - it throws things at you and then pulls you back in.

I found myself not sleeping for this - it was just unreal how good it was. It was the story, it was the writing - whilst i enjoyed previous work by the author this just bumped him up my TBR. I've already recommended it to several people including my boss and my mum and at the time of writing this its only 99p on Amazon

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  1. I don't understand why Paul fought so violently with Claire....why? If he was innocent and he was supposed to be in love with her. What did I miss?


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