Sunday 11 August 2019

#Newtsreadathon2019 week 1

So i decided a  bit late to the party that i was going to take part in the #NEWTSREADATHON2019 
I put together a TBR and then realised how much blog reading i have too, but non the less - i am giving it my best shot so far. My aim was to study to become a muggle studies professor at Hogwarts. So lets see how week 1 went.

Day 1
I started with Eleanor Ophiliant is Completely Fine as a contempoary read for my Muggle Studies OWL. On day one i managed to get up to 18% of this read.
Day 2
Before my morning gym session i made it to 21% i then procedded with my day as usual, then mid afternoon i sat down with a cuppa tea and read a couple more % up to 23%. Later on in the day i had a bath and read all the way up to 36% whilst i relaxed. I dont usually read my kindle in the bath as it worries me but i was enjoying the narrative too much to put it down.
Day 3
I wasnt feeling too cracking with a slight hangover mixed with food poisoning from a takeaway kebab i just monged around all day.I started to read Once Upon A Time (for my OWL in Ancient Ruins) and managed 2 chapters but thats all the reading i did all day.
Day 4 & 5
I finished Eleanor Ophiliant and the full review can now be found here I also read up to page 43 of Once Upon Time.Day 5 saw me carry on with Once Upon A Time to page 66 and then i did blog reading for some upcoming tours so i didnt read anything else for the readathon.
Day 6&7
I started and finished the rumor by the end of day 7. I was hooked with this read, it was so brilliantly good, i thought it would be a he said she said kind of read, like no real substance but boy was i wrong and i have a full review coming up in the next few days or so.

So thats how week 1 went, i finished 2 books & i am started a 3rd. I hope i can keep on, and keep tracking where i am at.

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