Thursday 1 August 2019


Okay, i am late to the party - i wasnt even planning on this readathon but i saw all the hype and i couldnt not get involved. Despite the fact i need to retake some OWLS so i am going to retake 2 -Muggle Studies & Ancient Ruins. Then to continue on working towards Hogwarts Proffessor in Muggle Studies i need 0 - Muggle studies, E - Defence against the dark arts and 2a's in secodary subjects which i have picked Charms & Astronomy. So, guess i should make a TBR

OWLS Resit.
Muggle Studies (OWL) - A contempoary read
Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine is the one i had orignally
planned to read so i am sticking with it on this occasion

Ancient Ruins (OWL) - A retelling
As Old As Time - i have this book for a few years, initally i wasnt keen on the idea of these but over time i have warmed to these takes on twisted tales and what better idea than reading it now (besides netgalley says its a retelling on listopia so im taking it)

O in Muggle Studies
1. A Cover that involves a photo element
The Rumour - Lesley Kara
This has been on my netgalley for a while, and because its like a photo of everyones shoes (circa myspace 06) i decided this was a good time to pick it, its a thriller i think and i have seen it around, alot of people read it ahead of re release and this was my plan, but i didnt kind of do it, so i am excited to give this a go.

2. Book set in our real world
After The End - Clare Mackintosh
As most my books i read our based in our world, ill just pick any that need reading to be honest. This one i picked because it was based on the authors experiences so it was obviously set in our world. I have heard it is heart wrenching. I am not sure i will be able to handle it but ill give it a go, and i am excited to read this.

3. Book written by a person of colour
You Dont Know Me - Imran Mahmood
Again, this has sat on my TBR for a long ass time so i thought i would give it a shot and now is a time to read it, i remember being very excited about it at the time so.

E - In Defence Against The Dark Arts
1. A book that is black under the dust jacket
The Woman In Cabin 10 - Ruth Ware 
This was my mums orginally, then she lent it to my great aunt who has passed it to me, mum didnt like it, she did. I am going to give it a go, we have the hardback and its black with water bubbles on so im taking that for this one.

2. Gildroys memory charm - first book you remember on your TBR
The Chain - Adrian Mckinty
I have had this again for a while and i saw it in the supermarket today and remembered i had it on netgalley to read,so my first thought at a book was this one. I am so excited about this, it sounds such an interesting if not slightly horrific concept but yes! cant wait

A in Charms
A Book with a gorgeous cover 
The Day We Meet Again - Miranda Dickinson
I have ebook version but if you are on twitter you will have seen the actual version of this book and i am in love, like i will need to own a physical copy as soon as its released because its just something else, i am so excited to read this too for all the feels.

A in Arthimancy
A Book That Ends On An Even Page Number
New Starts and Cherry Tarts at the cosy kettle
I fancied something light and sweet and all the cakes, this is 284 pages so ticks the even pages box. I know ill adore it

So, thats my reading month - its a big ask i know, as well as these i have some blog review reading too, so basically, i am going to be reading all day everyday for august but im looking forward to taking on the challenge if nothing else.

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