Friday 18 October 2019

The Christmas Tea Shop at Rosewood - Darcie Boleyn || Netgalley Review

There’s nothing a good cup of tea can’t fix.

 Fran Gandolfini can’t help taking in strays; with four dogs, five cats and two bearded dragons, she refuses to give up on a creature in need. The only thing Fran has given up on, in fact, is her love life.

 Moving from the city to Penhallow Sands to work in the Tea Shop, Ethan Clarke hopes he’s made the right choice for his daughter, Tilly. Ethan’s past means he struggles to trust people.

Just as Fran starts to change that, a life-changing secret that she’s keeping for a friend causes a rift between them. Fran can’t tell Ethan the truth, but she hates lying to him more. It’ll take a Christmas miracle to set things right... 

A festive romance set in Cornwall and perfect for fans of Holly Martin and Phillipa Ashley.


This book came recommended to me on twitter when i shouted out for a christmas cafe read and personally i dont know how i had even missed it in the first place! Because this is a me book all over, it has all i love in it and even just the synopsis i knew i would be in love with it. I was so very right.

We meet Fran, Fran has a good kind soul, she takes in strays, dogs, cats and even bearded dragons - she will always help those in need. Fran is throwing all her love into the animals after having given up on her own love life.

Then we meet Ethan who is moving to Penhallow Sands with his young daughter Tilly to start a new job in the tea shop. Having had little family around him for some time now, its going to be a shock been surrounded by his aunts, cousins and a bustling community. Ethan is used to been independent and struggles to trust others, but there is something about Fran that is changing that.

Just as the pair are getting closer, things start to come between them, a big secret that leaves Fran torn as to were her loyalities actually lie. This book is fab,

It has all the tea shop vibes, delicious sounding cakes, warming hot chocolates. The characters were all so likeable, and Penhallow is just the sort of place you to visit. It really did warm my soul and it was such a delightful read. The festive feels were full on and it was exactly what i needed.

A real winter pick me up.

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