Tuesday 15 October 2019

The Secret Of Cold Hill - Peter James || Netgalley Review

The Secret of Cold Hill by Peter James is the spine-chilling follow-up to The House on Cold Hill. Now a smash-hit stage play. 

 Cold Hill House has been demolished to make way for a new housing estate. Luxury-living at its best with high specification gadgets all thrown in – part-exchange available for the right buyers. The first two families move in, and as soon as they do, the unearthly residents of Cold Hill begin to make themselves known.

 Nobody who moves into Cold Hill reaches their fortieth birthday, and the old couple that have just arrived . . . let’s just say their days are numbered.


So, i have read a few Peter James books in my time but my mum is the biggest fan and has read every single Roy Grace. A few years ago i won a twitter contest to get a signed book, so i got her a signed copy of The House On Cold Hill.
Roll on mothers day and i saw that this was a stage show, so with a bit of travel we went to see it. Now, i have never read the book but oh my god it was good! Apprently so true to the book too, so when i spied the sequel i have been so excited to actually read it. (and amazingly i was approved on netgalley for it!)

So, Cold Hill House has now long gone and in its a place a new modern luxury development. From the very first page the atmosphere for this book is set. Its not long before the residents of Cold Hill are making themselves known once more.

We meet Jason & Emily as they move into the development and some of the first other residents Maurice and Claudette. All seems well for both couples as they have finally settled down in their forever homes. But no one apparently lives past their fortieth birthday and with Jasons big day looming - is this still true?

The more of this you read, the creepier it gets.I had chills, i never usually opt for horror as such,a simply thriller will do me but despite this creeping me out, and actually scaring me ( i didnt know a book could even be scary) I couldnt put it down. I wanted to know what was going to happen, but i also didnt.

I found this was brilliantly paced, tense and get your heart racing kind of read. Full of tension, drama and alot of creepy spooks. I honestly recommend this so much, and especially at this time of year!

*Free in exchange for a review*

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