Tuesday 12 November 2019

Ten Things My Husband Hated || Blog Tour

Maggie Moone is happily divorced.

And with her talent for fixing things, she’s perfectly content with her mundane life in the sleepy English village of Saffron Sweeting. That is, until one humiliating March evening when she learns everyone else assumes she’d love to mend her broken marriage.

Determined to prove them wrong, Maggie and her friends concoct a list of ten ways to assert her independence and live large. But her mission to move on leads to unexpected encounters, and Maggie soon finds herself mixing business with pleasure. Is the attractive young Irishman just another item on her list, or is he something more?

 Before long, unresolved issues from her past begin to clash, and Maggie is forced to wonder if antagonising her ex-husband was such a stellar idea. No sooner does she begin to understand what’s important to her, than she stands to lose everything that truly matters.

This is the fourth in the collection of Saffron Sweeting romantic comedies, which can be read in any order. If you like gentle British humour and deliciously resilient heroines, you’ll love Ten Things My Husband Hated.

Maggie Moone is happily divorced, well so happy that people beileve she is still in love with her husband. So much so, when at an awards ceremony even the presenter cracks the joke and thats when reality hits Maggie. Is that how people see her?

Armed with her friends she writes a list of ten things her husband hated, now this list isnt the most out there but its a true list and the sort of list i would write not things like travel the world but more making Jam. To go along with that is her new irish man, Finn. Not after anything serious but he seems to be capable of helping her through the list without even knowing.

This book was light hearted, a nice take on a bucket list that come on is 100 x more realistic then those i have read where people travel too far flung destinations to find themselves. It was British through and through and i loved visting Saffron Sweeting.

Its also nice to know there is more in this collection! and like the synopsis says - this is for you if you love gentle British Humor, in fact only today i have been telling my boss how this book is such a good read that really made me chuckle and was a delightful read.

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Author Bio –
British by birth, Pauline is now a contented resident of California, although she admits to occasional yearnings for afternoon tea and historic homes.
Her debut novel, Saving Saffron Sweeting, reached the quarter final of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Three further books set in the same village are now available, along with a collection of short stories and Indie With Ease, a self-help guide for other self-published authors.
When not writing, Pauline can be found pondering how many miles she has to run to justify an extra piece of cake. She’s also fond of daydreaming about flying herself and a reader to London for tea.

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