Thursday 4 June 2020

A Wedding at the Beach Hut - Veronica Henry || Blog Tour

You are invited to the wedding of the year . . .

Robyn Moss just wants a simple wedding. A quiet ceremony; a picnic on the beach; dancing barefoot on the sand until the sun goes down. But first, Robyn has one very important thing to do - before embracing her future, she needs to uncover her past. As she sets out to find her birth mother, a tangled thread of love, loss and betrayal that ties together three generations of women begins to emerge.

As her wedding day approaches, Robyn discovers that where there is heartbreak, there is hope - and that in the end, love will always win.

Escape to the beach with Veronica Henry's captivating new story of three women, three summers, and a wedding that changes everything. The must-read novel of summer 2020!

A beach hut wedding? Count me there, this is me in a book, the sea, beach hut, wondrous food and families. Robyn is bursting with good news, not only has she just found out she is expecting her first baby but her boyfriend has proposed and she just wants a simple wedding, no fuss. Just something to secure their relationship. A wedding that shows who the couple are.

Yet there is something in her past that she needs to deal with first, setting out to find her birth mother, it leads to high emotions, hope and heartbreak as she comes to understand her life and how she came to be. We also follow the families around Robyn, her birth mother, her mother who raised her as well as Jakes family. As the wedding day gets closer, her quietly kept secret comes out and tensions rise. Can there be true happiness though?

I simply loved this book, to say i loved it doesnt do it justice though, i wept happy tears at the end. Verionca has written a tale of relationships, love and so much more. Her words really hit my feelings and i just found it so beautifully overwhelming especially in those last few pages. It instantly bumped from a 4* to a 5*

Robyn was a lovely character to read about, she had a lovely soul and wanted to do right by everyone, she was kind and considerate and from the minute i met her i warmed to her. Veronica has created not only her but a wonderful cast of women. Her sister was firey but soft centred and her mother would do anything for anyone.

Yet the rest of the characters also had such warmth and depth, Jake was a great guy to read about and we could see where his personailty came from in the way of his dad. However what i loved most was how everyone interlinked, overlapped and supported each other. Their bonds were wonderful to read about.

Verionca also creates such a vivid community that you can picture it all from the way the tide changes to the bbq food they devour every week. I could smell the sea, taste the cocktails and see the building work progressing. I love a read where i can picture every fine detail and imagine myself there and this just did that.

Overall a beautifully written book about relationships and families, it was emotional and so very heart warming.

I was gifted this for the blog tour, it doesnt impact my review. If you want to pick up a copy you can do so here

Veronica Henry is the Sunday Times bestselling author of twenty novels. She was a scriptwriter for some of our best loved dramas such as The Archers, Heartbeat and Holby City before she turned to fiction. She lives in North Devon with three sons who come and go with the tide, and she flips between walking on the beach, swimming in the sea and mixing killer negronis

Find out more at or follow her on social media @veronica_henry

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