Tuesday 2 June 2020

The Guest - Cathryn Grant || Blog Tour

She told him to make himself at home. He did. 

Life has been good to Ellie – she owns a successful art gallery, is deeply in love with her husband, Seth, and has two beautiful children, Brandon and Simone. 

But not everything is perfect…

Lately, Seth seems to have something on his mind and has become cold and distant. And things don’t improve when he invites mysterious stranger Ace to stay in their home.

Ace is charming, but Ellie can’t help feeling there’s more to him than meets the eye, that he has some kind of agenda. She’s also aware that she is dangerously attracted to him.

Then a girl at Brandon’s school is murdered, and Ellie is beyond devastated when the police tell her they think her son might be involved.

Ellie knows in her heart that Brandon is innocent and she feels certain that Ace is somehow connected to the disturbing things that are happening. She starts to dig for the truth and uncovers the terrible secret that will change her life in ways she can’t imagine…

The stunning psychological thriller, perfect for fans of K. L. Slater, Teresa Driscoll, and Andrew Hart.

We all know by now i love a good thriller and this one certainly peaked my interest. Ellie has a good life now, after earlier struggles, her gallery is doing well, she has a loving husband - two wonderful children.

Not all is as it seems though, Seth seems cold and distant and then randomly invites his cousins friend into the house, not only for a meal but to stay for a while. Ace - the guest is smooth and charming and has the whole family hooked into him. Whilst the family is finding a new balance, we discover a girl at Brandons school has been murdered and Ellie is beside herself when the police turn up asking questions.

She knows Brandon is innocent but who is this random man who is now living in their house and why is he so magnetising, and what on earth is going on with Seth? There is so many questions and it comes to an explosive finish at the end of the novel.

The Guest is my first read by the author and i enjoyed it. I found it very quick paced and i found Ellie (The MC) voiced her opinions frequently and was constantly in battle with her own feelings which as a reader were very clear. She was inquisitive and wanted answers. Ace (The Guest) holds some sort of air about him that has Ellie besotted, her son Brandon obsessed and even her Husband Seth letting things slide. As a reader, it was interesting to see the chemistry between them all. I wasnt sure why they were all obsessed with him but thats just me. I also found Seth the husband to be unlikable and i was so very wary of him and i think Cathryn did a great job in creating him.

I found the focus was on feelings and events with not too much world building which meant as a reader we just focused on what was happening. I think this for me is suitable for those getting into thrillers. I didnt see it coming and the author did a great job in building the tension and it was a slow burn of a read in terms of resolution but i am a big fan of that.

If you want to purchase a copy you can do so here;

I was gifted a copy for the blog tour.

About Cathryn Grant:
Cathryn Grant writes psychological thrillers, psychological suspense, and ghost stories. She’s the author of twenty-three novels.

She’s loved crime fiction all her life and is endlessly fascinated by the twists and turns, and the dark corners of the human mind.

When she’s not writing, Cathryn reads fiction, eavesdrops, and tries to play golf without hitting her ball into the sand or the water. She lives on the Central California coast with her husband and two cats.

Cathryn is the author of The Good Neighbor and many other crime thrillers. THE GUEST will be her third novel published with Inkubator Books.

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