Monday 3 August 2020

Final Cut - S J Watson || Blog Tour

For generations Blackwood Bay, a quaint village in northern England, has been famous only for the smuggling that occurred along its coastline centuries ago, but then two local girls disappear bringing the town a fresh and dark notoriety. When Alex, an ambitious documentary filmmaker, arrives in Blackwood Bay, she intends to have the residents record their own stories as her next project. But instead of a quaint community, Alex finds a village blighted by economic downturn and haunted by a tragedy that overshadows every corner. 

Alex pushes on with her work, but secrets old and new rise to the surface, raising tensions and suspicions in a town already on edge. Alex’s work takes her to dark places and uncomfortable truths which threaten to lead to a deadly unravelling.

I have been a big fan of S J Watson and was regularly checking for new books after second life was released. So to be invited onto this blog tour was an honour for me! I feel drained after reading this, it was such a heavy and indepth read! It was great. 

Blackwood Bay is a small village only really known for its history of smuggling in the cliffs but when two girls go missing, the place starts to get known for a lot more and brings more attention to the area. Alex, is a film maker and is heading to the area to make a documentary about the sense of community in the place and all residents can get involved by submitting their own videos online for others to view.

When she arrives though, the community is quite a closed off one, there is more than meets the eye and as Alex digs deeper, she is met with resistance and hesitation. Secrets start to bubble under the surface and things take a darker turn.

I found this book so unique, it was so in depth with a huge range of series topics handled. They were all dealt with in a way that did them justice. Alex was incredibly complex and as a reader you really are taken on a journey as you unravel the layers. The narrative itself is told mostly in the present or now but with glimpses to the past and really focuses once more on memory which was a major feature in S J Watsons Before I Go To Sleep.

This was a stand out read for me, and like i said. I am drained after reading this because i had been on such a journey with Alex. It is one to look out for and pick up! Its an incredibly complex read which addresses the real intricacies of the mind and memory. .I was gifted an e-arc for the review.

 S. J. Watson’s first novel, Before I Go To Sleep, became a phenomenal international success and has now sold over 6,000,000 copies worldwide. It won the Crime Writers’ Association Award for Best Debut Novel and the Galaxy National Book Award for Crime Thriller of the Year. The film of the book, starring Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth and Mark Strong, and directed by Rowan Joffe, was released in September 2014. S. J. Watson’s second novel, Second Life, a psychological thriller, was published to acclaim in 2015. S. J. Watson was born in the Midlands and now lives in London.

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