Monday 28 September 2015

♥ The Girl With No Past || Kathryn Croft || Netgalley Review ♥

A gripping psychological thriller for fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train.

Leah Mills lives a life of a fugitive – kept on the run by one terrible day from her past. It is a lonely life, without a social life or friends until – longing for a connection – she meets Julian. For the first time she dares to believe she can live a normal life.

Then, on the fourteenth anniversary of that day, she receives a card. Someone knows the truth about what happened. Someone who won’t stop until they’ve destroyed the life Leah has created.

But is Leah all she seems? Or does she deserve everything she gets?

Everyone has secrets. But some are deadly

Hours before starting my new job, and i should of been sleeping, i was engrossed in one of the best books i have read this year, that kept me up well into the night because i needed answers - this was it.

The Girl with no past, is billed to those who are a fan of Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train (having read both) i think this out shines the two, it keeps you gripped until the end never really giving much away.

We meet Leah - a lonely woman who keeps herself sheltered, because can we ever keep the past away, after some horrfic incidents years previous, she has learnt not to trust, and keep alone. On the anniversary of the incidient she recives a card, a card that scares her senseless, but thats okay because maybe that is the point.

Leah focuses on trying to live a normal life, she has come the closest she ever has to making a friend, she has even met a man and a made friends with another, could things be fixing themselves?  The narrative flows between the present and the past, focusing on what lead Leah to been how she is. I love a narrative the leads up to an event from the past. The concept of this book, and the story itself is phenomnimal - honestly one of the best i have read, it really does outshine all other thrillers i have read. I don't want to spoil it so i wont go more in depth than this, but serious - read it/pre order it now!



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