Tuesday 7 February 2017

Jetset Holiday Haul

When you jet off on holiday, i know as a reader it is all important that i take the right amount of books, a mix of genres to solve every move and try and read as much as i can. Today i am checking in with my holiday book haul ready for heading away, so grab a cuppa and lets look at what i have picked up.

As you can see by the attached picture, i have gone for a mix of romance, chick lit and thrillers.

Chick lit & Romance

The Beachside Sweet Shop; Karen Clarke
Long time readers here at afternoonbookery will know how much i love a beach shop book, so this was always going to be a winner in my eyes, and with it been new on the market (ie netgalley!) i am even more excited. With a mix of delicious cakes and a dusting of romance this is the perfect spring pick me up.

Milkshakes & Heartbreaks At The Starlight Diner; Helen Cox
Second up to beach shop books are Diner books, they hold a special place in my heart for lifestyle dreaming, i mean who doesnt look the food of a diner? Since this book was released it has been on my radar, so i decided it was time to actually purchase it and take a visit to the Starlight Diner.

The Little Teashop Of Broken Hearts;Jennifer Joyce
Anyone would think i liked reading about Cake by now wouldn't they? Well, that is because i do. So when i spied this little hidden gem on Netgalley, for my thought sharing, i had to snap it up. More cake? A teashop needing fixing? I am your women to delve in!

Sunrise at Butterfly Cove; Sarah Bennett
Renovating a run down guest house? I am there! I mean im like an expert after watching all those episodes of four in bed, i know where to find hidden dust and how to rate the sausages ha! So this little countryside read was always going to be bumped up my TBR in time for my holiday.

Hard Rules -Lisa Renne Jones
It has been a while since i have read a smouldering romance, its been very sugary sweet for a while, and that has been lovely - but when a book is described as Wall Street meets Sons Of Anarchy there was no two ways about it. Maybe i will find my own Jax Teller?

Those Who Lie - Diane Jeffrey
When i read the description of this book, it was a must read - with an apparent tragic accident resulting in the death of her husband, and memory loss - how come she cant remember she killed her husband? Yep, exactly! - how come?! Thats all i needed to draw me in.

Bad Little Girl - Frances Vick
Even now, when i read the description it still doesnt give alot away, and that is so much why i want to read this, a girl from a troubled rough family, and a teacher that is looking out for her - its very vague and sometimes they are the best books because there is so much for the reader to uncover.

The Couple Next Door - Shari Lapena
This book has been on my radar a while, and i missed it first time it was on promotion - and i just couldnt justify the full kindle price, so when i spotted in Tesco in hardback for only £5, i snapped it straight up, this looks wonderfully page turning and i think i may have to read this before i go because well, its hardback.

The Good Daughter - Alexandra Burt
Having already read wonderful thrilling books from Alexandra Burt, when i spotted a new release up for review, it was my turn to give it a go, and i do have high hopes for this one.  Again, i can't work out the plans for this story which i must admit intrigues me more. This will be one i cannot wait to pick up.

So thats it, that is what i am jetting away with - have you read any?

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