Tuesday 6 June 2017

10 Reasons I'll Automatically One Click A Book

I saw a blog post a while ago & even tweeted with the writer that i was going to create something similiar and now i cant even find it (if this was you! please shout up!!) So today i am creating my list of 10 thing that would make me automatically buy a book wether i had hear aout it or not, and this could include favourite authors or comparisons - so on with what makes me automatically buy a book!

1. Anything by Sarah Morgan
Sarah Morgan has been one of my favourite authors since i discovered her when i started book blogging, every book has been wonderful, she writes about places you want to visit, fantastic freindships and swoon worthy men. I want to visit the coasts she has created, the apartments in the city and all the amazing bars & restaurants.  If i spy she has anything new upcoming that i havent read, i one click it straight away.

2.  If it has cafe in the title
We all know how much i love a cafe book, and a chick lit with Cafe in the title is going to be a sure fire hit with me, I am yet to find one i do not love, i love a run down cafe that needs fixing up in the heart of a community and will forever continue to seek out books on this.

3. A book set at the beach
Following on from the previous reason, if it isnt a afe, then its the coast i need to visit. I am such a beach person at heart, i love the sea and sitting on the front with a cocktail and the sea air, if a book can give me that whilst i cant experience it - i will always one click it.

4. Thrillers with endorsements from Claire Mackintosh & C.L.Taylor
 Two of my favourite thriller authors, and i am done with the hype of "if you loved girl on the train" well - i didnt massively, and i would rather read something that these authors love then i will take their word for it, as they have written some of my all time favourite books.

5. Most things by Bookoture
I have been very lucky to be pre approved by Bookoture on netgalley, and most books the publish are right up my street and i know i can just pick one and it be a sure fire hit and ill love it, whatever my mood is seeking i know they will have something suitable.

6. Book Blogger Reccomendations
There is a few book bloggers who opinion i trust soley when it comes to reccomending books as our taste is so similiar and i know no matter what i am seeking they can suggest something to fit the bill ( i am looking at you - Ifindoubtread & Got books,babe?) 

7 Most things by HQ Digital
Again, similiar to anything by Bookoture - HQDigital have published some of my favourite reads and some of my all time favourite authors, so i know again - there is always again going to be something that ticks all the boxes for me.

8. If the main man is dark & brooding with issues.
Not something i want in real life, but in a book - oh this will make me fall for a man over & over. After the rise of 50 shades the marketplace was full of them, but since thrillers have taken over, i am finding it harder to find things like this - the best one ive read has to be Alexa Riley - Everything for her and i am finding it real hard to find something to compete with that.

9. Anything by Diane Chamberlain
For the longest time she was always my go to Author and i remember when i got my first kindle, i downloaded everything book i could find by her and proceeded to read them all, even now, if i see one i havent read ill pick it up, ive had a few hits & misses lately but non the less i will always read them.

10.  If its "dark" romance
I went through a major phase of reading dark erotica - pepper winters was an all time favourite, and i often look on goodreads listopia or reccoemndations for something similair to tears of tess, and if its claims not to be happy, its nice to indulge in for me.

So, thats my 10 reasons i will one click a book without thinking, ive been reading long enough to trust my judgement, and i know books containing these things will work for me!
What makes you one click?

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